Lighting Lego Friends Olivia’s Mission Vehicle 41333 Set

The Lego Friends Olivia’s Mission Vehicle 41333 set made up of over 200 pieces is a kid-friendly model with the mini-doll. Briksmax and Lightailing offer handmade and high-quality lighting kits consisting of nine LEDs each which you can install easily to make your Lego structure glow in dark.

Relive in the cheerful world of the Lego Friends of Heartlake City and let your kids try to assemble the 223 Lego pieces from the beginner model of the Lego Friends series. Designed for kids aged between six and twelve, Olivia’s Mission Vehicle 41333 set can make way for a great time pass even for adults. You can easily combine the structure with other Lego Friends models such as Emma’s Art Stand 41332, Andrea’s Park Performance 41334, Stephanie’s Soccer Practice 41331 and Mia’s Tree House 41335 to bring all the five best friends together. No matter whether it is day or night, the room lights are switched on or off, the premium light kit from Briksmax or Lightailing will never leave the structure overshadowed.

Specialties Of Olivia’s Mission Vehicle 41333 Set

The Lego Friends lights  will lighten up Olivia’s Mission Vehicle that is one inch wide, five inches long and three inches high. Get three AA batteries once you have finished assembling the set and keep the brick separators ready to pass the wires smoothly. The small Lego parts and the delicate light accessories might get mixed up, damaged or cause choking hazards to kids if you are not careful.

You will get the Mini-doll of Olivia with the cat figure of Vega and the buildable figure of Zobo. If you add the above-mentioned sets with it, the five Mini-dolls can be placed inside.

The Lego set lights will brighten up the truck-like vehicle that has a control center on the rooftop for Zobo, the secret compartment beneath it, and the room for the Mini-dolls with the removable roof. 

The Heartlake City Park map will help locate the secret compartment while the satellite helps to find people who seek help and the ladder can be used to rescue Vega from the tree in the park.

The lights for Lego will highlight the Park Scene that has one-inch height, width, and depth respectively. Include the Friendship House 413430 set to park the mission vehicle in its garage after you remove the control center.

Highlighting Olivia’s Mission Vehicle 41333 Set With Light Kit

Each light kit box comes with separate plastic packets containing the accessories and each packet is wrapped with air-bubble film to avoid damage. The light kit for Olivia’s Mission Vehicle 41333  is suitable for any Lego enthusiast aged above six years. 

One Lego piece is given as complementary for you to customize or use as a substitute. For your step-by-step installation guide in the universal language, there is an illustrated instruction book and for further assistance, there is a user guide.

You can light up Lego  with one white light strip, four warm white 15cm LEDs, two blue 15cm LEDs, and three red 15cm LEDs that are connected with three 5cm connecting cables passed between the stubs.

You have to set up the 6-port and 8-port expansion boards, a battery pack, a multifunction board, an Adhesive Square, and the USB hub with the 30cm power cable.

You need to test each accessory and make sure that all parts are included in opening the light kit. The after-sale card bears a 1-year warranty and the return window is open for seven days from the delivery.

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