Lego Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Resistance A-Wing Starfighter 75248 Advanced Collectible Starship

The Lego Resistance A-Wing Starfighter 75248 with its arrowhead shape, twin engines, and streamlined cockpit makes way for the representation of the galactic war in The Rise of Skywalker. With seven sufficiently bright and premium LEDs and the supporting accessories from Briksmax, the starfighter will always get the attention it deserves.

The adrenaline-surging Battle of the Resistance is undoubtedly one of the USPs of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker that released last year amid massive hype. The Lego Star Wars series makes sure the hype does not wear out amid the global pandemic and hence, there is the kid-friendly Resistance A-Wing Starfighter 75248 set. With only 269 Lego pieces to assemble, this beginner-level model is suitable for any Star Wars and Lego fan aged above seven years. While recreating the exciting galactic actions from the movie, make sure it is not overshadowed when night comes or the room lights are switched off. Briksmax brings you the plug-and-play lighting kit that you can set up even without any skill in electrics.

Trivia Of Resistance A-Wing Starfighter 75248 Set

The lights for Lego Star Wars set  will brighten up the starship that stands two inches tall with a length of two inches and a width of four inches. To avoid any complications like choking hazards, missing parts, or damaged accessories, make sure the Lego set is fully assembled before the light kit is opened.

You will find the Star Wars Minifigures of Lieutenant Connix and Snap Wexley with their weapons blaster and blaster pistol respectively.

With the Lego light kit, you can highlight the opening cockpit where Snap Wexley Minifigure can be seated.

It will also lighten up the landing gear that can be retracted, two spring-loaded integrated shooters and non-firing wingtip cannons.

Highlighting Resistance A-Wing Starfighter 75248 With Light Kit

To avoid any damage while shipping, there are air-bubble films wrapped around the respective plastic packets containing different lighting accessories in the Lego LED light kit box. On opening the box, you should check all the items carefully and ensure that everything is included and are in a proper functioning state.

As you will not find any battery included, make sure you get sufficient AA batteries for the battery holder. The three Lego pieces of random color are included for customization or as substitutes.

There is a universal instruction manual in the light kit for A-Wing Starfighter 75248  that will help you with illustrated installation steps. Keep the after-sale card that is valid for two years from the delivery date and take help in the further installation with the user guide.

Insert batteries in the CR2032 Oval battery holder. Connect the power cable measuring 30cm with the USB hub. Set up the Adhesive Square and the 8-port Expansion Board.

Light up Legos with one warm white 10cm LED, two slow flashing 15cm blue LEDs and four yellow 15cm LEDs.

Keep the brick separators arranged so that the connecting cables are not damaged while passing between the stubs and stay hidden from the outer look.

The light kit is suitable for anyone above six years old. In case of any manufacturing issue, you have a week’s window to return it and get the replacement.     

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