Explore Wildlife Adventures with Lighting Lego City Safari Off-Roader 60267

With explorers and lioness figures included in over 150 Lego pieces, the Lego City Safari Off-Roader 60267 can be a great kid-friendly set. With handmade light accessories and premium LEDs from Lightailing, this extensive set will never be overshadowed when the room lights are doused or when it is dark outside.

Safari Off-Roader 60267

If your kids love adventure-themed movies or shows, the Safari Off-Roader 60267 set from the Lego City series can be one of the best beginner-level models to look out for. With 168 Lego pieces, the model is suitable for anyone above five years old and improves physical skills while enhancing confidence. That being said, even adult enthusiasts can assemble the model from Great Vehicles adventure to enjoy creative open-ended play experience.  Once you have assembled the set taking inspiration from real or reel life scenarios, independent role-playing is ensured. Irrespective of electrical skill will be able to set up lights from Lightailing.

Highlighting Safari Off-Roader 60267 With Light Kit

The light kit for Safari Off-Roader 60267 is appropriate for anyone above six years old and will offer an after-sale guarantee of two years effective from the date of purchase. You should keep the delicate parts from the kids to prevent choking hazards.

Make sure you open the box only after the Lego building is done otherwise you might lose them, mix them up with Lego pieces by mistake or end up damaging small parts. There is no battery included in the light kit –you have to get three AA batteries and insert them in the AA battery box that comes with the kit.

Safari Off-Roader 60267

The Lego set includes a printed instruction manual to help you in construction just as the universal instruction manual with illustrations that come with the light kit. The light kit also provides a user guide for future installation.

The Lego City lights  will highlight the Off-roader that stands three inches in height with a length of six inches and a width of two inches. The sturdy vehicle with a zebra stripe pattern is suitable for all-terrain and features the camera mount for perfect photographs and the removable roof racks where you will find accessories like the tree costume of the photographer.

Light kit for Safari Off-Roader 60267

There are two Minifigures of the explorers with their respective binoculars and camera, the parrot figure and the lioness figure for safari adventures. Let the explorers camp by the vehicle for a professional photoshoot or combine the model with other structures for a more detailed look.

You should prepare the brick separators for smooth insertion of the connecting cables between the stubs so that they are not exposed to the exterior look. The Legos LED light kit also comes with random colored Lego pieces for customization, expansion boards, adhesive squares, red LEDs for the rear side of the vehicle, and warm white LEDs for the interior, roof, headlights, and taillights.

Lego light for Safari Off-Roader 60267

Connect the power cable measuring 30cm with the USB hub and make sure that the main power is less than 5V before switching on to be safe from potential electrical hazards. Make sure you test each accessory after unboxing and make sure all the items are included.

The light kit comes with lights and accessories packed in plastic packets separately and secured by air-bubble films. For any manufacturer's fault, there is a 1-week return and replacement facility.

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