Space Explorers with lighting Lego Creator 3in1 Space Rover Explorer 31107

Endless space adventure is guaranteed with the beginner-level three-in-one model Lego Creator Space Rover Explorer 31107 that comprises more than five hundred Lego pieces. With seven premium LEDs and high-quality lighting accessories from Briksmax, you can keep the model highlighted even without electrical knowledge.

Space Rover Explorer 31107

While facilitating creativity and encouraging in building realistic or imaginative Lego models, the Lego Space Rover Explorer 31107 set can be a great kid-friendly model. With 510 Lego pieces, this model from the Lego Creator series is suitable for any 8+ years old enthusiast. It can be rebuilt into the space flyer or the space base with the small alien figure and you can also rebuild it into something out of your mind. Independent open-ended play opportunities are there with the set and when the surrounding is dark or you need some vibrant action, add the lights from the premium light kit of Briksmax. The plug-and-play light kit can be installed even by those without electrical knowledge.

Specialties Of Space Rover Explorer 31107 Set

The Lego Creator light kit  comes packed inside the hardcover box and on opening it, you will find air-bubble wrapped plastic packets containing respective lighting accessories. To avoid losing or damaging them or mixing them up with small Lego pieces, you should complete assembling the set first.

lego light kit

The Space Rover Explorer stands six inches high with a width of four inches and a length of seven inches. There is the Minifigure of an astronaut for role-playing and kids will love to learn about the alien in the Rover, explore planets in the space flyer, or recharge in the space base.

The Lego 31107 light kit will highlight the rover that features an opening cockpit, living area or lab, buildable alien Minifigure, the small robot figure having movable arms, and the working crane with suspension and moving arm.

Highlighting Space Rover Explorer 31107 With Light Kit   

Before installing the light kit for Space Rover Explorer 31107  designed for any 6+ years old, you should buy three AA batteries as there is no battery in the kit. Make sure the brick separators are in place so that you can pass the cables comfortably without any harm.

You will get four Lego plates of random color for customization or as a substitute for any missing or existing Lego piece. The instruction manual with step-by-step guidance and illustration will be helpful, so will the user guide that is for future installation. There is an after-sale manufacturer guarantee card that is valid for 2 years from your purchase.

lego lighting kit

To hide the connecting wires from the outer look, insert one 5cm cable and two 5cm cables between the Lego stubs. Light up Lego Space Rover Explorer with two small strip lights of warm white tone, two 10cm LEDs of warm white tone, and three 10cm dot lights of ice blue tone.

You should also set up the two expansion boards with two ports each and two Adhesive Squares. On setting up the battery pack, prepare the USB hub by connecting the 30cm power cord.  

Always test the lights and accessories before installation –if any part is broken, defective or missing, send the light kit back within seven days of purchase and get a replacement. To avoid electrical burns, keep the main voltage less than 5V.

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