Make Ready Your Lego Christmas Tree 40338 To This Christmas!

Brighten up the upcoming Christmas celebration at home with the Lego Creator Christmas Tree 40338 set made up of nearly four hundred Lego pieces. This kid-friendly model can be lightened up with premium yellow and white LEDs and handmade accessories provided by Lightailing.

Christmas tree

Although Christmas is not near and the world is still under the shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic, a little bit of revelry through Lego building is what any enthusiast needs to freshen up. The Lego Christmas Tree 40338 set with only 392 Lego pieces is such a model that will make any child above eight years old, as well as any adult having an interest in Lego building cheerful. This beginner model for the Lego Creator series stands 22 cm in height with lots of Christmas decorations attached to the tree structure and scattered around as seen in real life celebrations. To bring alive the realistic jovial vibe of Christmas, Lightailing brings a high-quality LED light kit for you that can be easily set up even though have no electrical skill.     

Highlighting Christmas Tree 40338 With Light Kit

You should concentrate on finishing the structure before setting up Lego lighting as it might be confusing to add lights in proper places without assembling the model. Besides, the light accessories are mostly small in size and delicate, thereby, can get mixed up with or lost among the Lego pieces and get damaged if you start with the light kit before assembling the Lego set. Also, as the light kit is suitable for kids above six years old, keep them away from infants to avoid choking hazards.

The light kit for Christmas Tree 40338  includes an instruction manual with illustrations and installation steps written in the universal language so that any layman or expert can set up the lights.

There is a user guide that is useful for future installation steps. You will get an after-sale manufacturer warranty card that is valid for two years.

The Christmas Tree structure comes with a large yellow snowflake star on top, multiple colorful dangling balls, a blue toy train model with a track that is rotatable along with the tree, and three wrapped gift boxes of blue, purple, and green color.

You can light up Lego  with white lights for the train and decoration, yellow lights for the big star, and the balls. You need to prepare the brick separator to pass the connecting wires easily without harm between the Lego stubs so that they remain hidden from the outer look.

You should always test each accessory before the final installation to avoid any complications. There is no battery in the light kit, therefore, you have to purchase three AA batteries separately and insert those into the AA battery pack.

The Lego Christmas lighting  kit also comprises expansion boards and Adhesive Squares that you need to set up properly. Finally, connect the USB cable with the power hub and switch on the main power. Keep it below 5V to prevent electrical burning.

The light kit box comes with separately packed accessories in plastic packets that are secured with air-bubble sheets. On testing, if you find any item missing or malfunctioning, get it replaced by returning the package within a week.

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