Reveal the Exciting Details From Lighting Lego Mystery Castle 70437

Combine digital and physical play experience with the Lego Hidden Side Mystery Castle 70437 set with over a thousand Lego pieces. Lightailing and Briksmax feature handmade high-quality light kits including 33 premium LED lights and accessories that are easy to install without any electrical skills.

Gamers and Lego enthusiasts can now enjoy two-in-one fun with the Lego Mystery Castle 70437 set from the Lego Hidden Side series. With 1035 Lego pieces, this kid-friendly model is suitable for anyone above nine years old. Based on the fictional Newbury Town haunted by ghosts from the Hidden Side universe, there are various derelict buildings that get enhanced look with the new contents, challenges, events, and ghosts. Adding up to the AR (Augmented Reality) experience, the Hidden Side app is compatible with some selected Android and iOS devices. Just check the compatibility of your device and make sure the kids have parental permission before using it. What is more, there are light kits from Briksmax and Lightailing that will never let your structure go overshadowed in dark.

Specialties Of Mystery Castle 70437 Set

The Hidden Side set light kit contains small delicate accessories packed separately in plastic boxes inside the hardcover box. As it does not contain any battery, you should purchase three AA batteries in advance, after your Lego building is complete.

The Mystery Castle structure, on completion, stands thirteen inches in height with a depth of ten inches and a width of twelve inches. The manual features include the accessible observatory tower.

The play experience is livened up when you view the structure through the mobile device with the AR app of the Hidden Side installed in it. Add the LED for Lego to help kids find clues, solve mysteries, hunt ghosts, and defeat the boss ghost, Maw in the digital haunted world.

You can choose the single-player or multiplayer mode in the AR experience to make the best out of the possessed castle. It can be folded out so that you can enjoy role-playing with the Minifigures of the heroes Jack and Parker, Nehmaar Reem, Vaughn, and two Shadow Walkers.  

Highlighting Mystery Castle 70437 With Light Kit

The light kit for Lego Mystery Castle 70437  is age-appropriate for any enthusiast above six years old as infants are susceptible to choking hazards. Install the lights only when the Lego structure is complete to keep the accessories safe from damage and mix-up.

Refer to the two illustrated instruction manuals written in the universal language to know about each installation step. Take help from the user guide during the latter installation. The after-sales card comes with a 2-year warranty.

The lights for Lego  include two small warm white, five small green, two small blue, three small red, and two small ice blue light strips. There is also one ice-blue 30cm and six ice-blue 15cm dot lights, one 10m red LED, two large warm white 15cm LEDs, two 10cm and two 15cm green LEDs, and two 15cm and three 30cm red LEDs.

You should keep the cables hidden between the stubs not to ruin the exterior look. Set up the brick separator to pass three 30cm, seven 5cm, and nine 15cm connecting wires smoothly.

Insert batteries in the AA battery box, connect the 30cm power cable to the USB hub, set up three Adhesive Squares, one 8-port, one 12-port, and four 6-port expansion boards.

Test each accessory before the final installation. In case of missing, broken, or defective items, return it within a week to get a replacement.

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