Celebrate Lighting Green Energy Innovation with Lego Expert Vestas Wind Turbine10268 Set

With over 800 Lego pieces, the Lego Creator Expert Vestas Wind Turbine 10268 set is a motorized set promoting the use of renewable energy. Lightailing brings you the premium quality handmade lighting kit that will never let your structure be out of focus.

In this technologically advanced age where pollution and global warming have taken the toll on a healthy lifestyle, the Lego Creator Expert series brings a set that celebrates green energy. The Vestas Wind Turbine 10268 set with 826 Lego pieces not only gives you a windy countryside vibe but also speaks on behalf of the eco-friendly energy source that is renewable and does not leave a carbon footprint. In association with Vestas, the Lego model offers a rewarding and challenging Lego building experience with a slice of nostalgia. Regardless of your skill in electrics, the high-quality LED light kit from Lightailing can be easily installed to make sure the structure is not overshadowed when the room or the surrounding is dark.     

Highlighting Vestas Wind Turbine 10268 With Light Kit

The light kit for Vestas Wind Turbine 10268  is age-appropriate for any 6+ years old enthusiast while the Lego set is suitable for anyone above twelve years. You should open the light kit after completing the Lego structure otherwise there is a chance of damaging or losing the small delicate parts.

The wind turbine stands thirty-nine inches in height with a width of twenty-four inches and a depth of twelve inches. There are three Minifigures including a woman with a dog figure and two service technicians from Vestas with their V-printed torsos and safety helmets. The accessories include two envelopes and tools. 

The Lego Creator set light kit will enhance the look of the graceful and elegant movement of the traditional turbine. The set includes a battery box, a Power Functions medium motor, and two extension wires measuring 19.6 inches that were added in January 2018.

By turning the nacelle right or left side and switching on the motor, you can activate the rotation of the adjustable blades of the wind turbine and illuminate the porch light of the cottage.

With the light for Lego, you can brighten up the spruce tree that was added in January 2019 and was made of plant-based sustainably sourced plastic. The Service vehicle has white LEDs for headlights, red taillights, and the door can be opened to reveal the interior in warm white light. You can also slide out its retractable tool compartment.

Prepare the Lego brick separators to ensure smooth insertion of the connecting wires between the stubs so that they are not harmed while being hidden from the outer look. The universal instruction kit will help you in each installation step with illustrations while the user guide will be helpful in further installation.

The Lego light kit comes with green LEDs for the trees and wooded hill surrounding the tower with red lights for warning aircraft, while white and yellow LEDs are used for the house featuring the furnished patio with a table, two chairs, parasol, white-colored picket fence, flowers, and mailbox.   

There are Adhesive Squares and expansion boards along with USB cables that are used for the USB hub. Three batteries are to be purchased separately for the AA battery pack.

The after-sale card bears a 2-year manufacturer warranty. If you find any accessory missing or malfunctioning or damaged while testing the light kit, return it within a week to get a replacement.

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