Endless Magical Imaginative World with Lego Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 75969

Recreating various scenes from the Harry Potter series will be a dream for any Potterheads and the Lego Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 75969 set with over 900 Lego pieces is a perfect option for them. Lightailing and Briksmax offer you the handmade and high-quality lighting kit that is easy to install even if you have no prior electrical skills.

Each movie or book from J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter saga comes packed with endless magical adventures and the Lego Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 75969 set matches that level. This kid-friendly model with 971 Lego pieces from the Lego Harry Potter series is suitable for any enthusiast above nine years old. The versatile model will hone the creative potential and creative skills of the Lego builders through open-ended play opportunities. No matter whether you are a layman or expert in electrics, the light kit from Briksmax and Lightailing can be installed easily to prevent the structure from overshadowing.

Highlights Of Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 75969 Set

Before unboxing the Harry Potter set lights, complete assembling the model so that there is no risk of choking hazards, a mix-up with Lego pieces, and damage to the delicate parts. Although based on the sixth movie of the franchise i.e. Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, you can relive moments from other movies as well or create your version of the story.

The set stands over fifteen inches in height with a width of eleven inches and a depth of six inches. You can combine the set with Hogwarts Whomping Willow 75953, Hogwarts Great Hall 75954, and Hogwarts Clock Tower 75948 models to create an extensive model of the Harry Potter series.

Before adding Lego lights, you can place the eight Minifigures of Harry Potter with his owl figure of Hedwig, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Draco Malfoy, Horace Slughorn, and Lavender Brown.

Safe for schemes, secrets, and sleep, there is Ravenclaw Dormitory followed by the Astronomy class at the tallest tower. Trouble is always brewing at the classroom of the potion master Horace Slughorn while the greenhouse is filled with mandrake plants.

Let Harry, Luna, and Hermione attend Slughorn’s party or explore the accessories like letters and books of potions. Each Minifigure has a respective wand to do magic tricks.

Highlighting Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 75969 With Light Kit

The light kit for Lego Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 75969 is age-appropriate for 6+ years old enthusiasts and the box contains accessories in respective plastic packets wrapped with air-bubble sheets. There is no battery in the light kit, so you have to purchase them separately.

There are fifteen Lego pieces of random color for customization. The two illustrated universal instruction manuals will help in step-by-step installation and the user guide will help in further installation.

The light for Lego set  includes two 15cm, two 30cm, two large 30cm, four large 15cm, and four small 30cm LEDs of warm white glow along with four 15cm and four 30cm dot lights of ice-blue glow. The turrets, detailed columned balconies, golden torch, and shield-lined pedestal will be highlighted.

For 23 lights, there are two 30cm connecting wires that are to be concealed smoothly between the stubs. Also included are one 8-port and two 12-port expansion boards, two Adhesive Squares, a 30cm power cable for the USB hub, and the AA battery pack.

Always test each accessory and make sure that all the accessories are included in the light kit. The After-sale card offers a 2-year warranty and the return-replacement window is open for a week.

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