Lighting Detail Lego Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer 42095

With fourteen high-quality LEDs and handmade accessories provided by Briksmax, the Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer 42095 set can always be in focus no matter whether it is daytime or night. This kid-friendly Lego Technic model with more than three hundred pieces can be rebuilt into remote-operated racer from the tracked vehicle.

What can be more enjoyable to a Lego enthusiast and an automobile connoisseur than assembling a racing car from the Lego Technic series? The two-in-one Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer 42095 model with 324 pieces is easy to assemble by any Lego builder aged above nine years. The track racer can be easily transformed into the remote-controlled racer in a rewarding, challenging, and immersive Lego building experience. The premium light kit of Briksmax will enhance the realistic movement of the car models with their authentic mechanisms. Regardless of whether someone has electrical skills or not, the lights can be easily set up by anyone who is 6+ years old.       

Highlighting The Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer 42095 With Light Kit

Before installing the light kit for Lego Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer 42095, you are recommended to prepare the brick separators so that the connecting cables are not harmed while you insert them. The light kit contains the AA battery kit but no battery; therefore, you need to get three batteries separately.

You should always finish building the structures before adding lights otherwise there is a risk of losing, damaging or mixing the light accessories with Lego pieces. Keep these away from infants due to choking hazard issues.

The Lego light for Technic set highlights the bright blue and yellow color scheme of the vehicle adorned with racing stickers and the large-sized ground-gripping tracks that give the track racer a sturdy modern look.

The six inches high, eight inches long and five inches wide Stunt Racer can be reassembled into the racer that is four inches high, seven inches long and seven inches wide.

The two-in-one set features Power Functions elements like a receiver, two large motors, one remote control that works with both vehicles and the battery box. Optimal acceleration is ensured with the large-sized rear sprockets while the remote-control lets you pull the high-speed wheelies, take 3600spins and turns, traverse forward, backward, right and left through obstacles and rough terrains.

The Lego LED lights include two red LEDs measuring 30cm each, four yellow LEDs measuring 15cm each and two yellow LEDs measuring 30cm each, one large warm white toned 15cm light and five warm white LEDs measuring 15cm each.

The lights are connected by the connecting wire that measures 5cm and is hidden between the Lego stubs so that the exterior look is not affected.  The instruction book, written in the universal language feature illustrations for step-by-step installation. There is also the user guide that will be helpful in the future installation steps.

The Lego 42095 light kit also includes an after-sale card that offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty. There are two Adhesive Squares, 6-port and 12-port expansion boards and a USB power cord measuring 30cmthat is to be connected to the hub.

Before installation, check whether the box contains all the accessories and test each one of them to make sure that they work properly and are in proper state. If there is any issue, you can get a replacement by returning the kit within one week.

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