Hunt Treasure with the Lighted Pirate Ship Adventure 21152 Lego Set

Since the launch of the first Lego Minecraft set in 2012, the popularity of these physical representations of Minecraft’s signature square-shaped constructions has continued to increase. Acknowledging the same, Lego has released forty-seven more Minecraft-themed sets over the years, which became quite popular due to the playability, ease of assembly, cost and the potential of creating imaginative scenarios by combining multiple models with ease. The Pirate Ship 21152 Lego set is one such masterful creation in the Minecraft series.

Light Kit For The Pirate Ship Adventure 21152

Some Facts about Pirate Ship Adventure 21152 Lego Set

The Lego Minecraft Pirate Ship 21152 set is assembled with 386 pieces provided in the package. There are six unique mini-figures in the set – Alex (the hero), pirate, zombie, dolphin, parrot, and turtle. All of them have their own settings within the play-set or you can use them imaginatively to create various scenarios.

There are two main buildable models in the Lego 21152 set – a pirate ship and an island. You will love the design details of both which exhibits the imagination of the designers while staying true to the Minecraft theme. Moreover, if you light up the Pirate Ship Adventure Lego set  with LED light kits after assembly, the figures and colors combine to transport your imagination into the world of seafaring pirates and treasure hunt.

Light Kit For The Pirate Ship Adventure 21152

Apart from the distinctive mini-figures, there are many other items provided with the set to embellish the pirate ship and treasure hunt storyline. There is a rowboat to transport the hero to the island where the friendly dolphin may lead you to a hidden treasure trove, turtle eggs that may need protection from the nasty zombie, a map and compass to aid you in your search for hidden pirate treasures, and so on. The pirate ship can be turned into a shipwreck, or you can even build an alternate model of a sinister pirate base!

Have Fun Building your own Pirate Story

Light Kit For The Pirate Ship Adventure 21152

You can assemble the Pirate Ship Adventure Lego set 21152 with relative ease when compared with conventional Lego sets, but the fun lies in setting the children’s imagination free after the set building is complete. Play with the various add-on items provided with the set to create your very own pirate adventure story. You can further enhance the model’s overall appeal by installing LED light kit for the Pirate Ship Adventure  Lego set.

Why Light up the Pirate Ship Adventure 21152 Lego Set

Light Kit For The Pirate Ship Adventure 21152

The idea behind lighting up Lego sets with LED lighting kits is to further brighten up individual models or the entire display area. There are nine different lighting enhancements created by electronic experts with a keen interest in Lego world-building for this play-set. These are thoughtfully placed to provide maximum illumination for the ship and island models so that they are visible even during evenings. You can create a dazzling lighted display of this set complete with its own story and have loads of fun explaining it to friends and interested visitors.

Embark on an Exciting Sea Adventure with a Lighted up Pirate Ship

Light Kit For The Pirate Ship Adventure 21152

So, go ahead and install the LED light kit for Lego Pirate Ship  model after assembly and create a beautifully-illuminated display of sea adventure stories. The children will simply love the versatile playability of the set, while collectors will certainly appreciate the value-addition of a dazzling Lego Minecraft model display!


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