Fall in Love with These Lighting Look of Lego Snowspeeder 75259 Set

Lego, the foremost plastic bricks model manufacturer in the world, has been particularly successful in collaborating with the Star Wars franchise and has created multiple series of play-sets focused on the different aspects of the vast Star Wars universe in “a galaxy far, far away”. These spectacular and suitably detailed Lego sets have re-created many models of the futuristic spaceships, fighter jets, vehicles among others used in the movies. The iconic Snowspeeder Lego set is one such timeless creation with several designs released by the company over the years.

Light Kit For Snowspeeder 75259

Know about Lego Snowspeeder 75259 Set

The Snowspeeder 75259 set is the latest in line among the various past releases of the model. Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of collaboration between the Star Wars franchise and Lego, this model is an ensemble inclusion in the series.

The 20th Anniversary edition of this iconic Star Wars vehicle is made using 309 pieces which is neatly separated into four numbered bags. There is an informative instruction booklet providing interesting factoids about the Star Wars and Lego collaborative franchise since the last two decades along with a biography of Lando Calrissian and the history of the introduction of the Snowspeeder vehicle. A sticker sheet is also included in the package.

Light Kit For Snowspeeder 75259

Another important inclusion in the set is the mini-figures, which are a staple in such Lego models, offering ample playability for the younger children. You will find Luke Skywalker, an exclusive Lando Calrissian complete with the commemorative 20th Anniversary black display stand, Dak Ralter, and a Hoth Rebel. The colors and details on each individual figure are worth noticing and can be further highlighted by installing Lego LED light kits.

Light Kit For Snowspeeder 75259

You can start assembling the model by building the exclusive P-Tower stud shooter, an accurate representation of the original one used in “The Empire Strikes Back” movie. The vehicle itself measures 18cm and is quite similar to the original design. The color combination is also true to the actual with white and bluish-grey in light and dark shadings with a dash of orange. The cockpit of the vehicle is also suitably detailed. Arrays of weapons are also included on the outside adding to the overall look of the assembled  Snowspeeder.

Fight the Empire with Your own Lego Snowspeeder 75259 Set

Light Kit For Snowspeeder 75259

Once you complete the assembly of the Snowspeeder, children would love to play re-creating battle scenes with it. Additionally, you may want to brighten up Snowspeeder Lego set using LED lighting kit. These custom-made add-ons are constructed lovingly by electronic experts who are also Lego enthusiasts. For this set, there are ten different lighting fixtures to be installed which will considerably enhance the iconic set’s look. Strategically-placed white and red lights on the different models of the set only serve to bring out the intricate detailing in it. What’s heartening is that the whole assembly is quite safe for children and there are no loose ends visible through the structure.

Light Kit For Snowspeeder 75259

Thus, installing a bluish-grey light kit for Snowspeeder Lego  set elevates the model’s overall look while adding considerably to its show value. Display the illuminated model as part of an enacted battle scene or add it to your 20th Anniversary collection and enjoy its brightening effect.

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