Fascinate Lights for the Lego Dorado Showdown 75972 Set

Experience your Overwatch gaming in an exciting way with the Dorado Showdown 75972 model from the Lego Overwatch series. Kids will love to assemble over 400 pieces before adding LED lights and installing handmade lighting accessories provided by Briksmax and Lightailing.

Light Kit For Dorado Showdown 75972

Video arcade game lovers will be well-acquainted with the multiplayer shooting game of Overwatch where you can enjoy first-person shooting matches in a futuristic world where different characters engage in gripping 6v6 battles. Lego Overwatch franchise has the 419-piece set of the Dorado Showdown 75972 which comes with the three Minifigure characters of Soldier 76, the outlaw gunslinger McCree who maintains justice according to his own terms and the ruthless mercenary killer Reaper who hunts down the former Overwatch agents. Once you have finished assembling the 6” high, 5” wide and 1” deep Dorado building along with the Payload truck measuring 3” in height, 5” in length and 3” in width, start installing the lighting kit from Lightailing or Briksmax.

Special Features of the Dorado Showdown 75972 Set

While the Lego Overwatch 75972 set is age-appropriate for 8+ years old, the lighting kit is suitable for anyone above six, with or without electrical knowledge. As the handmade light kits are delicate, you should open the box and unpack the plastic packets from bubble wraps only after assembling the Lego structure.

  • Just as you have seen in the internationally renowned team-based Overwatch game, the Dorado Styled building comes with three windows including two with shutters, a lantern, lamps, the doorway through which the payload truck can pass and the mini-market booth.
  • The Overwatch Dorado Showdown Payload truck comes with space for one Minifigure, the generator payload with a feature of taking off and the hidden wheels with which you can simulate the truck to hover, just as shown in the Overwatch game.
  • In association with Blizzard Entertainment, this model from World of Warcraft –Overwatch also features the weapons for the Minifigures.

Light Kit For Dorado Showdown 75972

Things to Know About Light Kit for Dorado Showdown 75972 Set

The Lego LED light kits  do not require you to be skilled in electrics because they are kid-friendly and you only need to install the accessories according to the steps, plugin and watch the structure lighten up vibrantly.

  • The lighting accessories are packed in separate plastic packs and each of these is protected from external damage with bubble wraps. Inside the box, you will get the plastic packets along with the instruction manual, user guide book and the after-sale warranty card that offers a guarantee for two years. Follow each illustrated step written in the universal language for easy installation.

Light Kit For Dorado Showdown 75972

  • You can light up Lego Dorado Showdown  with the ten warm white 15cm LEDs, one warm white, one blue and two green light strips, one yellow 15cm LED, two white 15cm LEDs, and four blue 15cm LEDs.  
  • There are three randomized Lego pieces with which you can customize the Lego structure. You have to set up the two Adhesive Squares and the 30cm power cable for the USB hub. As batteries are not included in the light kit, you have to get them for the two CR2032 Oval Battery packs.

 Test each accessory from the light kit properly before using and if you find any broken or malfunctioning accessory, replace or return them within seven days. Add lights and watch the live version of the Overwatch Dorado Showdown glowing 24x7.  



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