Get Ready for Disney Princess the Royal Celebration Aurora, Ariel and Tiana's 41162 set

Let your kids delve into Disney world of Sleeping Beauty, Princess and the frog and Little Mermaid with the Lego set of Ariel, Aurora and Tiana’s Royal Celebration 41162. The set will never lose limelight as the bright LED lights from Lightailing are there to highlight the structures.

Light Kit For Aurora, Ariel and Tiana’s Royal Celebration 41162

Ask any Disney fan, especially a girl about her favorite Disney princess and she would come up with the names of Sleeping Beauty, Mermaid or some other character. Marking the three significant anniversaries of Disney series namely the tenth anniversary of The Princess and the Frog, the thirtieth anniversary of The Little Mermaid and the sixtieth anniversary of Sleeping Beauty, Lego has launched its Disney combo set of Ariel, Aurora and Tiana’s Royal Celebration 41162. To make the Lego building experience dreamier, Lightailing has launched its handmade high-quality lighting kit that will keep the set highlighted day and night.  

Light Kit For Aurora, Ariel and Tiana’s Royal Celebration 41162 5

Special Features Of Ariel, Aurora And Tiana’s Royal Celebration 41162

With only 282 pieces, the Lego Disney Princess Ariel, Aurora and Tiana’s Royal Celebration  set is a beginner model suitable for any 5+ years old while the lighting kit for this is suitable for 6+ years old. It is better to let kids assemble the structure first and then start with the lights so that they do not end up losing any small delicate part.

  • The 9” high, 4” wide and 2” deep castle tower from Lego 41162 set comes with Aurora mini-doll and squirrel figure, two rooms, rotating dance-floor, balcony and spiral staircase to the bedroom.   
  • The 1” high, 5” long and 2” wide Dolphin Carriage comes with mini-doll Ariel and dolphin figure and the underwater clamshell throne. The 5” high, 2” wide and 2” deep Tiana’s Restaurant comes with Tiana mini-doll and frog figure, dining area and kitchen with opening the oven.   
  • You can bright up Lego 41162  to highlight the accessories like hairbow, hairbrush, three tiaras, rose, sheet music tile, cherries, cake, croissant, and cooking pot.

Lighting up the Ariel, Aurora and Tiana’s Royal Celebration 41162 Set

Light Kit For Aurora, Ariel and Tiana’s Royal Celebration 41162

You should always test each lighting accessory after unpacking them from the plastic packets inside the box because even with the bubble wrap, damage can happen. In case you find any part not working properly or damaged, return the Lego night light  kit within a week and get a replacement. The after-sale card also offers a guarantee for 2 years.

  • The universal instruction book with illustrations and user guides will help you in the step-by-step installation of a light kit even if you don’t know about electrics.

Light Kit For Aurora, Ariel and Tiana’s Royal Celebration 41162

  • There are three random Lego pieces for customization after you light up Lego bricks. You have to buy batteries separately for the CR2032Oval battery box and connect the 30cm power cable to the USB hub.
  • There are two white 15cm, two warm white 15cm, one 30cm and five 15cm pink and one warm white light strip along with two 5cm and 30cm connecting wires. The 6-port and 12-port expansion boards and the Adhesive Square are to be set up accordingly.

 Creating a fairytale castle is a dream almost every girl nurtures in her heart and with a modular Lego set that makes way for easy swapping, moving, integrating or disintegrating of different sections, their imagination can flow boundlessly. With the plug-and-play light kit, kids can now lighten up their Lego structures easily and safely.  



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