Fun With Lighting Lego Creator Expert Harley Motorcycle 10269

The Lego Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 10269 set with over a thousand Lego pieces is created for motorbike lovers as the perfect replica of the iconic bike. There are eighteen high-quality Lego pieces and custom handmade accessories to make the structure look stylish even when the surroundings are dark.

Light Kit For Harley Motorcycle 10269

Every bike owner dreams of owning a beast like the Harley-Davidson one day and those who are lucky enough to drive it cannot get enough of it. With authentic detailing and innovative engineering, the Lego Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 10269 will remind you of the stunning motorbike with its realistic crimson and grey color scheme, teardrop fuel tank, in-built speedometer and beefy tires with sturdy disc wheels. Consisting of 1023 Lego pieces, this set from the Lego Creator Expert series is suitable for any 16+ years old Lego builder. It is important to finish building the model first and then add the handmade lighting accessories from the Briksmax light kit that anyone with and without electrical knowledge can install.

Specialties Of Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 10269 Set

The Lego Technic light  kit will brighten up the bike standing above seven inches high with a length of twelve inches and a width of seven inches. It is important to check each light and accessory before the final installation.

Created in association with Harley-Davidson, the real-life magical look is completed with the Lakestar wheels, printed logos on fuel tank, dual exhaust pipes, moving pedal of the gear shift, brake steering, handlebar steering and kickstand.

Light Kit For Harley Motorcycle 10269

After lighting Lego  set, the Milwaukee-Eight engine featuring the movable pistons will be highlighted and look alive when you spin its rear tire as the pistons are activated.

The model can be displayed with a strong display stand. The special super-wide tire and the rear rim were included in July 2019 along with the two 2x4 dark red tiles bearing the tank emblem printing.      

Highlighting Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 10269 With Lighting Kit  

Light Kit For Harley Motorcycle 10269

The LED kit for Lego 10269  is created for anyone above six years old and has a manufacturing warranty of two years guaranteed by the after-sales card. The lighting kit box contains accessories and LEDs packed respectively in plastic packets and to prevent any defect during transportation, there is air-bubble wrapped around each packet.

There are two randomized Lego plates to be used as substitutes or for customization. You will learn how to light up Lego set  step-by-step from the universal instruction book containing illustrations. There is also a user guide included in the kit offering assistance in future installations.

Light Kit For Harley Motorcycle 10269

One 5cm and two 15cm connecting wires are added to the kit –you can pass them smoothly without damage using a brick separator and conceal them properly between the Lego stubs. The 30cm power cable for the USB hub should also be connected.

The Lego light kit  contains one blue light strip, two 30cm warm white, four 15cm white, four 15cm blue and five 30cm red LEDs for the set. There are also one 6-port and two 8-port expansion boards, two Adhesive Squares and one AA battery pack for which you require batteries.

If you notice any part malfunctioning within seven days of getting the light kit delivered or notice any missing or defective item on opening the box, the replacement is offered.

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