How To Build The Classic Lego Creator Palace Cinema 10232 Set With Light?

The Lego Creator Expert Palace Cinema 10232 model with nearly 2200 Lego pieces will encourage you to use your creativity in building the movie theatre of your locality or your dreams. 46 premium LED lights and the high-quality accessories of the Briksmax light kit are there to make sure that the set is never left in dark.

Light Kit For Palace Cinema 10232

 The craze for movies regardless of the genre is more or less evident in every age group. Once in a while, you might pay a visit to the nearest movie theatre not only to watch movies but also to meet and greet cinema artists. The Lego Creator Expert series has thus come up with the Palace Cinema 10232 set comprising 2194 Lego pieces that any 16+ years old enthusiast can assemble easily. You can display it as a standalone set or combine it with other Lego Creator sets from the Modular Building collection such as the Town Hall 10224, Grand Emporium 10211 and Pet Shop 10218 to create the entire town. Make sure the entire building process is complete before you open the Light kit box so that no item gets lost or broken.

Specialties Of Palace Cinema 10232 Set

Light Kit For Palace Cinema 10232

The Lego Creator light  kit LEDs and peripherals come in bubble-wrapped plastic packets to avoid any damage. Anyone even without basic electrical knowledge would be able to set up the plug-and-play kit.

The lighting kit will highlight the model standing fifteen inches in height with a width of ten inches and a depth of ten inches. The classic Limousine model measuring 1.9 inches wide, 1.6 inches high and 5.9 inches long will also be brightened up with Lego light.

There are six Minifigures of the cinema worker, photographer, male and female guests, chauffeur and the child actress. The rare gold Lego bricks and the star-studded sidewalk are also notable.

Light Kit For Palace Cinema 10232

The two-storied corner building has buildable entrance doors, sign frontage, posters, rooftop decorations and the tower featuring spires. There are six reclining chairs, movie projector and large screen inside the theatre.   

The light for Lego  set will also highlight the grand staircase leading to the theatre, the concession stand with ticket area in the elaborate lobby and the spotlights outside that flicker when the child actress arrives in the suave black Limousine.  

Highlighting Palace Cinema 10232 With Lighting Kit      

Light Kit For Palace Cinema 10232

On opening the kit, you should properly check each item to be assured that no part is missing, damaged or defective in any way. The Palace Cinema 10232 light  kit is designed for anyone above six and bears a manufacturer guarantee of two years from the delivery date.

 There is one warm white LED for the lamp post, six slow-flashing 30cm colored and twelve slow-flashing 30cm white LEDs, five 30cm and twelve 15cm warm white LEDs, four 15cm red LEDs and six warm white lighting strips.

Light Kit For Palace Cinema 10232

Just like the Lego City set light kit, here you can use the brick separator for passing the two 5cm, four 15cm and two 30cm connecting cables. Get batteries for the two CR2032 Oval battery packs and one AA battery holder.

Use the universal illustrated instruction book and the user guide for step-by-step and latter installations respectively. Prepare two Adhesive Squares, two 8-port and three 12-port expansion boards and connect one 30cm USB power cord.

You will also get five random colored Lego pieces for customizing the set. The after-sales card will offer a 2-year warranty.

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