Recreate The World-Famous Residence: Lighting Lego The White House 21054

Recreate one of the most significant political residential buildings in the world as you assemble over 1400 Lego pieces of the expert-level set The White House 21054. 23 custom premium LED lights with handmade accessories of Briksmax lighting kit will help you give a night look of this historical structure and highlight it regardless of day or night.

Light Kit For The White House 21054

Washington D.C. is famous for the official workplace and residence of the President of the United States and since 1800, The White House in Pennsylvania Avenue has been a national historic landmark. The Lego Architecture series has brought to you The White House 21054 set consisting of 1483 Lego pieces that anyone above eighteen can be able to assemble. This DIY model comes without any battery and offers hours of creative play as you reminisce your traveling days or dream about traveling to the First Family residence. Speaking about the travel, history, heritage and architecture of the building, the model can get a vibrant look when you add the Briksmax lighting kit no matter whether you have electrical knowledge or not.      

Specialties Of The White House 21054 Set

Light Kit For The White House 21054

The Lego Architecture light kit  contains small and delicate lights and accessories packed separately in plastic bags with air bubble protection. You should always complete assembling the model before adding the lights and test each item properly to ensure that none of those are broken or malfunctioning.

With a height of four inches, a depth of seven inches and a width of eighteen inches, The White House model can be easily built by referring to the instruction manual. One coffee-table booklet in English language depicting the story of The White House is also included.

Light Kit For The White House 21054

The light for Lego will highlight the East Wing, West Wing, Executive Residence and the connecting colonnades of the building along with the Jacqueline Kennedy garden and the Rose Garden.

The neoclassical architectural marvel can be disassembled into three sections to give a closer look inside. Use Lego light kit to brighten up the colonnades, fountain and the special Lego brick with an inscription of ‘The White House’.   

Highlighting The White House 21054 With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For The White House 21054

Anyone above six years old can install the lights even without any skill in electrics. The Lego set light  kit contains an after-sales card that acts as a warranty card valid for two years from the date of delivery.

You can customize the set with eleven Lego plates of random color. As you will not get any battery with the set, it is recommended to get the necessary ones separately for the AA battery pack.

You will know all about the installation of the kit from the universal instruction book with illustrations. For future installations, refer to the user guide.

Light Kit For The White House 21054

The LED for 21054 set  includes seven 15cm and eight 10cm warm white LEDs, four small and four standard-sized warm white light strips.

The brick separator will help you in smooth insertion of five 15cm and six 5cm connecting wires. The 30cm USB cable should be connected to the power hub.

Prepare one 12-port and three 6-port expansion boards, two adhesive squares and make sure that the main power remains below 5V.

The light kit is highly unlikely to get damaged while shipping, thanks to the sturdy box packing. However, in unfortunate cases, you will get a replacement if the defective kit is returned within a week.

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