Get a Yummy Pizza from dazzling Pizza Van 60150

Lego City series has always put smiles on hundreds and thousands of faces with the huge collection of vehicles, buildings and other structures. No matter how suave the vintage cars from the Technic series look, the cute vehicles like the Pizza Van from Lego City have always been appealing to both kids who are getting the knack of Lego world and the adults who have played with this during childhood days. With only 249 Lego pieces, the Pizza Van 60150 set is a beginner set that you can combine with a few City structures for a large model. Kids within the age group of 5 to 12 can start their Lego journey with this model. However, when it comes to installing lights from Lightailing, no kid below six years old is permitted to handle them due to choking hazard but the older ones can try installing them under your constant supervision.

Pizza Van 60150

Know About the Special Features of Pizza Van 60150

Those who consider pizza as their answer to hunger at any time would love to assemble the Pizza Van Lego set  though which they can playfully provide customers pizzas, French fries and even set the van according to business. Make sure to assemble the set before opening the light kit because the small delicate parts might get tampered or lost otherwise.

  • With the two Minifigures of the customer and the chef of the Pizza Van, the structure features the kitchen corner at the rear section where the chef can serve pizza and the two opening sides that can be raised for business.
  • You can bright up Pizza Van Lego set  to highlight the buildable table where you can set up the parasol and also the scooter which has space to keep pizza boxes on the back of the seat.
  • Among the accessories, you will find full pizza as well as pizza slices, French fries, and a pizza box.    

Know About the Light Kit for Pizza Van 60150

Light kit for Pizza Van 60150

Even if you do not know about electrics or have never handled electrical accessories, the instruction book and user guide included in the light kit for Lego set  has detailed installation steps written in a universal language. It also has an after-sale card with which you can replace any defective part within a year.

  • The set has nine LED lights including a warm white 15cm light, a white 30cm light, two red lights measuring 15cm each and five white lights measuring 15cm each –these lighten up the headlight and rear light of the van.

Pizza Van 60150 light kit

  • The light kit for Pizza Van  also has an expansion board of 12 ports, Adhesive Square, 30cm power cable for the USB hub, warranty card, instruction book and user guide book for ease of installation.
  • As the battery pack inside the light kit does not include AA batteries, you have to purchase them beforehand and prepare the pack before installing the lights. Seven random colored Lego pieces are also there for customization or as substitutes.  

All the accessories for lighting are kept inside the separate plastic package and those have bubble wraps to avoid any handling damage. After opening the box, check each part properly and test the lights –in case of discrepancy, you can return them within 7 days.  



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