Most Cooling Lights for the Polar Igloo 21142 Set

Ever since a kid learns about the fascinating world of the arctic regions and how the people live there in igloos, there is always a hidden desire to explore the igloo lifestyle someday. Those who have been pretty much addicted to the Minecraft video games would surely love to check out the Lego Minecraft structures and also introduce their little ones with this amazing world. The Polar Igloo 21142 set with 278 Lego pieces is a beginner set and is designed for kids over eight years old although adults who are young at heart can also reminisce in their good old video gaming days with this structure. But the enjoyment does not end there as Lightailing brings you the lighting kit which can make the structure highlighted regardless of it is day or night.

Light Kit For The Polar Igloo 21142

What the Polar Igloo 21142 Set Is All About

Before you plan to light up Polar Igloo 21142 Lego set, it is mandatory to have the structure fully assembled. In this snowy landscape, you will get to build a polar bear with its cub, create the fishing spot, defend your igloo against stray attack with arrow dispenser and even combine this structure with other Minecraft structures for an extensive universe.

  • For your hands-on adventures, the set comprises of Minecraft Minifigure of Alex, stray, polar bear that can stand on two hind legs and the cub.
  • For weapons, you will get bow and sword while other accessories include a chest, two fish, a fishing rod and a ladder.
  • The Polar Igloo 21142 Lego set  features buildable igloo surrounded by snow-swathed biome, plants, tree, waterbody with ice blocks and decorative banner. The arrow dispenser can launch flick missiles to the stray and the diamond sword also helps in defending the igloo.
  • The igloo roof can be removed to check the detailed interior consisting of Redstone torch, furnace and crafting table.  

Know About Lighting Kit for Polar Igloo 21142

Light Kit For The Polar Igloo

After you have finished assembling the Polar Igloo 21142 structure, open the box and unwrap the bubble films to reveal the plastic packets, each of which carries the lighting accessories to light up Lego sets. Check each part properly and in case of any defective part, replace within a week.

  • Among the six LED lights in the set, you will get a warm white toned strip light, three white lights measuring 15cm each and two white lights measuring 30cm each. The lights are for highlighting the snowy landscape, tree, waterbody, ice blocks, arrow dispenser, and the decorative banner.

Light Kit For The Polar Igloo

  • A connecting cable and a USB cable both with 30cm length are included in the light kit for the Polar Igloo  You have to conceal the wire beneath or through the brick separator to avoid tampering and connect the USB cable with the hub.
  • The AA batteries are to be purchased separately for the CR2032 Oval Battery pack. The package also includes Adhesive Square, user guide book, instruction manual and a random colored Lego piece for customization or substitute for any lost piece.   

No matter whether you know about electrics or not, the lighting kit can be easily assembled by you as well as the kids under your guidance while following each installation steps on the instruction book. The warranty card offered with the light kit is valid for a year.   


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