Get Ready To Head Out On Star Wars Voyage Of Adventure With Millennium Falcon

Assembling the celebrated starship of the Star Wars galaxy, the Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192 set is nothing short of an adventure. Lightailing and Briksmax let you relive various moments from different Star Wars movies as you lighten up the model with custom LED lights.

The Lego Star Wars series is as legendary as the cinematic universe itself and the Millennium Falcon 75192 set as one of the largest Lego models ever assembled comes with 7541 Lego pieces. Lego enthusiasts aged above 16 years can make the best out the set while younger ones can help in installing the lighting kit which is age-appropriate for anyone over six. This detailed and authentic replica of the famous ship has 83cmx60cm dimension and being true to Star Wars saga, it features intricate details like sensor dishes, two crews for displaying both the new and classic movies, hull panels which can be removed, opening cockpit and quad laser cannons for defeating the First Order. 


Overview of the Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192 Model

While the best Lego light kits  will complement the Lego model, you will get the informative booklet containing detailed information about the facts behind the scene and the designers behind the structure. You will get Minifigures of four classic crew members namely Han Solo, Princess Leia, C-3PO and Chewbacca along with three Minifigures from Episode VII and VIII namely Rey, Finn and old Han Solo. There are also two buildable Porgs, one buildable Mynock, and the BB-8 droid.

  • The Corellian freighter can be highlighted with Lego night light  to lighten up the adjustable boarding platform, detailed hull panels revealing main hold, gunnery station and rear compartment once removed, hidden blaster cannon, cockpit for 4 Minifigures, detachable canopy, lower and upper laser cannons, seven landing legs and rectangular or round sensor dishes to play in classic Star Wars or Episode VII/VIII.
  • There is Dejarik hologram, seating area, remote training combat helmet, doorway and engineering station in the Main Hold while rear compartment has a console, hyperdrive, two doorways, concealed floor compartment, engineering console, two hatches for escape pod and the access ladder leading to the gunnery station. Light up Lego bricks  of the gunnery station with Minifigure seat, rotating laser cannons and hull panel.

Overview of the Light Kit for Millennium Falcon

You should assemble this extensive Lego model first before laying hands on the lighting kits which come in plastic packs wrapped in bubble film. There are 51 randomized Lego pieces for customization with the model. The warranty card is valid for two years and the user guide along with illustrated instruction book features installation steps for electrics expert and layman alike.

  • For the cockpits, rear and front lights and cannons, the light kit for Lego Millennium Falcon  contains eleven white light strips, four 15cm and two 30cm red LEDs, one 30cm and four 15cm white LEDs, one 30cm and 28 15cm blue LEDs and two warm white 30cm LEDs. Ten 15cm, six 30cm and six 5cm connecting cables are there.
  • You will get one 8-port and nine 6-port expansion boards, an AA battery pack excluding batteries, a 30cm USB cable, four Adhesive Squares, and a multifunctional board to adjust flash.

Open hull panels to reveal the interior while keeping the exterior intact or slide the panels to access the hidden blaster cannon. Add blasters with Han, Finn, and Rey for Episode VII/VIII or add pistol and bowcaster to Han and Leia respectively for Classic series –LED lights will make each scene noteworthy!

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