Experience The World Upside Down With Stranger Things

Create the eerie atmosphere of the upside-down world from Stranger Things and the real world with exciting Minifigures from the series. Use the LED lights from Lightailing to make the action-packed and emotional scenes alive.

It was the first season of Stranger Things on Netflix that viewers came to know about the Upside Down world infested by the Demogorgons where Will disappeared in the first episode. The series with the nostalgia of the 1980s has appealed to both the youngsters and adults alike, especially with the power-packed performance from the characters namely Joyce and Will Byers, Mike, Dustin and Lucas, Eleven as the savior and determined Sheriff Jim Hopper.

The Upside Down 75810 set comes with Minifigures of all these characters along with the spine-chilling Demogorgon figure within its 2287-piece model. Suitable for 16+ years’ old Lego enthusiasts and Stranger Things fans, the set gets more appealing with the light kit.

Knowing about the Light kit for The Upside Down Model

The light kit for Stranger Things Upside Down  is suitable for 6+ years old kids and you should add the lights only after assembling both the worlds of the model.

  • You will get 28 random colored Lego bricks that can be used for customization with the Lego model. Apart from the user guide book for future installations, there are two universal instruction manuals with illustrated steps for light kit installation so that layman or expert both can install the lights effortlessly. The after-sale warranty card gives you two years of manufacturer warranty.
  • The Lego night light  kit includes one blue, two green and two white light strips, two slow flashing 15cm white LEDs, a 15cm and a 30cm green LEDs, twelve 15cm blue and twelve 15cm red LEDs, two 15cm white and three 15cm warm white LEDs. The LEDs highlight the Byers’ House, Hopper’s van and Upside Down dimension. Two multifunctional boards are there for adjusting whether the lights will flash or not.
  • Apart from these, you will get a 6-port, a 12-port and four 8-port expansion boards, three Adhesive Squares, a USB power cord of 30cm length, two 30cm, three 5cm and five 15cm connecting cables, a CR2032 and an AA battery pack in the Lego light kit.

Knowing Special Features of the Upside-down Lego Set

Once the lighting accessories are tested and you are assured of their functionality, it is time to know about the special features of the Lego set so that you can customize with the lights when you light up Legos –

  • Byers’ house has a living room, dining room, bedroom and front porch with furniture. The living room contains the famous alphabet wall that has a light-up feature as seen on the series, coffee table, couch, ax, telephone, flyer saying “have you seen me?” and the bear trap for Demogorgon.
  • Bright up Lego Stranger Things Upside Down  dining room with an armchair, Christmas lights inside boxes, gamebook, potted plant and the bedroom with a boombox, desk lamp bed, movie posters, and drawings.
  • The attic has “Will The Wise” hat and drawing of Mind-Flayer while the Upside Down dimension has dark-colored dilapidated creepy vines. Hopper’s van has a removable roof opening to interior and pumpkin as a reminder of season two.

Add accessories like flashlights, slingshot, compass, and walkie-talkies for Sinclair, Henderson, and Wheeler, coffee-mug for Jim, Eggos for Eleven and flashlight for Joyce. The Lego set arrives in eleven bags for you to simultaneous assembling while the lighting kit arrives in separate plastic packets wrapped with bubble sheets to avoid damage.     

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