The New Play Experience With Snow Resort Chalet 41323

Let your kids redefine the winter holiday luxuries as they assemble the Snow Resort Chalet 41323 model from Lego Friends. Lighting kits from Lightailing and Briksmax will lighten up the log cabin, snowmobile, dining area, lounge, and bedroom vibrantly.

The Lego Friends of the Heartlake City comes together for the wintry celebration of the New Year at the Snow Resort Chalet 41323 set where Amy and Andrea enjoy with the husky named Luna. If your kids are gradually getting the bug of Lego building skill, let them test their skills with this beginner model comprising of only 402 Lego pieces because the set is designed for kids aged between seven and twelve years. While adults too can take a down memory lane ride while assembling the model, both kids and adults can set up the light kit from Lightailing and Briksmax that is age-appropriate for 6+ years old users.

What the Light Kit for Snow Resort Chalet 41323 Offers

The delicate handmade Lego LED lights  and accessories come inside separate packets protected by bubble films to avoid damage. Although the accessories are of premium quality, you should test each of them to ensure that they work properly otherwise you have the one week window to return and replace the items.

  • With proper illustrations regarding the installation steps written in the universal language, the instruction manual and the user guide book prove to be useful in light installation, setting up of battery pack, USB hub, and brick separators.
  • The light kit for Lego Friends Snow Resort Chalet  features a slow flashing 15cm colored light, a 15cm yellow LED, five warm white 30cm LEDs and six warm white 15cm LEDs for the log cabin, hot tub, fireplace, lounge, bedroom, dining area, and the snowmobile.
  • The flashing module board is used to adjust the flashing feature of the lights. There is a 6-port and a 12-port Expansion board, a 5cm and a 15c, connecting cable, a 30cm USB cable for the hub, two Adhesive Squares and a battery pack for which you have to buy AA batteries.

Highlights of the Snow Resort Chalet 41323 Model

You can light up Lego Friends Snow Resort Chalet  that stands 5 inches tall and has six inches width with 5 inches depth. The small 4 inches long buildable snowmobile stands one inch tall with one-inch width and it can be used for exploring around the chalet while the husky figure of Luna sits on it.

  • There is Luna with two Mini Doll figures of Amy and Andrea with their winter outfits. The figures come with different accessories like the wooden trunk, skis, pot, cups, croissant, cheese, board game, mobile, map, action camera, dog food, perfume bottles and flyer of the resort which you can use for different scenarios.
  • You can light up Lego bricks  to highlight the two-storied log cabin, fireplace at the lounge area, kitchen, outdoor hot tub, chairs and table at the dining area and three beds at the bedroom upstairs.

Let Andrea and Amy enjoy a cozy time inside the hot tub while Luna takes a spin on the snowmobile, let them prepare a croissant at the kitchen and sit back near the fireplace –fill the winter resort chalet with warmth with the LED lights and accessories.    

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