Experience An Epic Dinosaur Battle In Jurassic World With T. rex Breakout 10758

Give your kids the first slice of the exciting Jurassic Park with the T.rex Breakout model from Lego Juniors series and accompany them in installing the LED lights to make the imaginary breakout scenes alive. The Lightailing light kit is easy to install and will highlight the special features of the set.

While the extensive Jurassic World models from Lego are designed for older kids and adults, you can give your little kids a slice of that thrilling experience too with the T.rex Breakout 10758 model. Designed with only 150 Lego pieces, the set is appropriate for kids aged between four and seven years while the exciting light kit from Lightailing is appropriate for kids above six years old. This model from juniors’ series i.e. for 4+ years old kids can give your kids an idea about the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchise movies so that they can enjoy those when they come of age instead of being scared.

What The T. Rex Breakout 10758 Model Is About?

Before you bring out the light kits to bright up the Lego T. Rex Breakout model, it is better to be familiar with the tidbits of the structure so that you know where to put the lights and where to pass the connecting wires from.

  • There are three Minifigures of the scientist, the guard, Claire along with the buildable figure of T. Rex and the baby dinosaurs. The T. Rex has an opening mouth.
  • One of the two Starter Brick bases features the opening gate while the other features the wall element with the breakable fence that can be built and rebuilt after the dinosaur knocks it down. The light kit for Lego Junior Jurassic World will lighten up the moving robotic arm, small fenced section and the cozy science station that has screen and case.
  • There is a guide book to help kids assemble the model including the Starter Brick chassis of the truck, it's opening back and space for the crate. The accessories include a tranquilizer gun, two dinosaur eggs, stick, box, the hot dog which can be hooked to the robotic arm for distracting the dinosaur from fence and two walkie-talkies.  


What to Know About the Light Kit for T. Rex Breakout Model

The light kit for T. Rex Breakout Lego set should be kept away from kids below six to avoid any choking hazard or tampering of the accessories. Test each accessory after opening the packets and return or replace it in 7 days in case of any discrepancy.

  • Get AA batteries (extra in case of emergency) separately as you will get only battery pack in the light kit. Insert batteries and set up the battery pack along with the brick separators so that passing the connecting wires comfortably is easy without ruining the outer look.
  • The Lego night light set contains LED wires for the red and warm white LEDs, some random Lego bricks for customization, USB power cord for the hub, Expansion boards, Adhesive Squares and the universally written instruction manual with illustration for light installation.

Let a Minifigure climb on the ladder to check the dinosaur’s activities on the other side of the gate or load the crate on the truck by putting the dinosaur eggs or the baby dinosaur inside the crate before the T. Rex breaks out. Add lights to each section during each scene to create a cinematographic effect.      

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