Lightailing Releases Jurassic World Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit 75928

Recreate the heart-throbbing Velociraptor chasing scene from Jurassic World with the favorite Minifigures and Blue dinosaur figure. Lightailing launches the lighting kit to make the chasing scene at night look more realistic and exciting for all movie-lovers and Lego enthusiasts.

As Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom stormed the box office with some of the extraordinary sound and visual effects, especially for the pre-historic dinosaurs, people felt more connected to the velociraptors, T-Rex, Indominus Rex, and Mosasaurus. If you consider the popularity of the characters in the movies, Chris Pratt as Owen Grady and Blue, the celebrated “good” velociraptor have quite the competition. Lego has brought the indescribable connection between Own and Blue alive with the Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit 75928 model while Lightailing has made sure the model is never overshadowed at night. Handmade with care and of unmatched quality, the light kit can be installed without complication.

A Brief Look at Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit Model

Before you light up Lego bricks, beware that the small Lego parts and the light accessories can cause choking hazards if you mix them up or let any kid below six handle those. The Lego model from the Jurassic World series comes with only 397 pieces and hence, this beginner model is suitable for kids aged between seven and twelve years.

  • The Minifigures of the model include that of Owen, Wheatley, the pilot of the helicopter and the velociraptor figure of Blue measuring 7cm in height.
  • The Lego night light  kit will glorify the 4 inches high, 10 inches long and 7 inches wide helicopter that features six stud shooters, dual searchlights and rotating blades. There is also a quad bike for Owen to race alongside Blue to save her from Wheatley and the shooters of the helicopter.
  • Create an imaginary abduct sequence and Bright up Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit  where Blue is caught in the trap cage by Wheatley and is hooked to the helicopter. Rotate its blades and shoot at Owen on the quad with a trailer as he chases the helicopter. Dodge the powerful 6-stud shooter, fire crossbow to rescue Blue and the dinosaur eggs from smuggling.

Light Kit for Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit Model

The light kit for Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit  will lighten up the helicopter with opening door, rotating blades, 6-stud shooters, belly hook, storage chest compartment, searchlights, the cage with adjustable side and cable attachment frame and quad bike having a spare tire.

  • The universal instruction book containing installation steps described with illustration and the user guide book will help you in setting up the light kit. Keep the warranty card for two years as a manufacturer guarantee.
  • You can light up Legos  with the two white LEDs, three warm white LEDs, and two yellow LEDs, each measuring 15cm. the connecting cables are also small in size to keep them well hidden between the Lego bricks.
  • You will have to prepare the AA batteries for the CR2032 Oval Battery pack and the Adhesive Square beforehand. The USB power cord measuring 30cm is there for setting up the USB hub. There is a random colored Lego piece which you can add in the model for a customized look.

Lightailing ships the lighting kit inside the branded box –on opening it you will find plastic packets wrapped in bubble films containing different lighting accessories. While testing the accessories, if you find any defect, the replacement can be made within a week.

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