Christmas Festive Magical Light Kit To Santa's Workshop 10245

Bring light in your household with not only the fairy lights and lanterns but also the LED lights in the Lego structures. Santa’s Workshop 10245 set gets its festive decoration with the lights and accessories from Lightailing.

During your childhood, have you ever wondered where Santa gets your gifts from or where Santa actually lives and how? Well, if you have grown up, such thoughts might sound childish but your little ones would probably have the same thoughts especially during Christmas. As this is the jingle bells time of the year, let their imagination flow with the Santa’s Workshop 10245 model that consists of 883 Lego pieces and is appropriate for 12+ years old kids. Kids, who are just above six and are eager to decorate the house along with you, can try setting up the light kit from Lightailing in the Lego model under your guidance.

How Can LED Lights Add Vitality to Santa’s Workshop?

Before you proceed to Lego light sets, make sure to assemble the entire Lego model properly so that the delicate lighting accessories don’t get mixed up or damaged. However, the light kit also includes one Trans Round Lego 1X1 plate and four 1x4 Lego plates of random color which you can use for additional customization with the model.

  • Instruction Book, User Guide Book And Warranty Card

It doesn’t matter whether you are a skilled electrician or a layman, the instruction manual in universal language will help you light up Santa’s Workshop Lego set  easily through illustrated installation steps. The user guide book will be beneficial in future installations while the after-sale warranty card offers you manufacturer guarantee for two years.  

  • LED Lights

The sled, workshop interior and Christmas tree can be highlighted with one multicolored light string, five slow flashing 30cm white lights, a warm white strip light, seven warm white 15cm LEDs and two warm white 30cm LEDs. Before you light up Legos  check each light part to be assured of no handling damage and proper functionality.  

  • Connecting Cables

The light kit consists of two connecting cables, one measuring 15cm and another 30cm. while being compatible with the lights, the wires are of small size so that you can easily pass them through the brick separators or beneath the Lego bricks without letting them get damaged or be visible enough to affect the overall look.

  • Battery Pack And USB Hub

The light kit for Santa’s Workshop  does not include any AA batteries but only the AA battery pack. Get at least three AA batteries separately and insert them into the pack. Prepare the USB hub with the power cable measuring 30cm and connect it with the main power. As a matter of fact, you can add more lighting kits of other models with this set and connect them with the same power source.  

  • Additional Accessories

The Lego night light  kit also includes two expansion boards for the wires and among them, one has 8 ports and another has 12 ports. You will also get two Adhesive Squares in the light kit.

Place the Minifigures of Santa, Mrs. Claus and the four elves in different sections of the Lego model, lighten up the sleigh that glitters with golden and red details and highlight the clock tower, Christmas tree, reindeer family and the gifts.  

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