Make Your Star Wars Set Dream Come True Before The Year-End

Give your obsession over Star Wars franchise a new direction with the Lego Star Wars models lightened up by the LED lights and accessories from Lightailing. The year-ending Christmas sale will provide you affordable light kits for famous models like X-Wing Starfighter, Death Star and more.

With the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the fan base is going crazy over the merchandise of this legendary sci-fi series and the Lego Star Wars series makes perfect use of this craze with its extensive models. From R2-D2 to Millennium Falcon, from Imperial TIE Fighter to Darth Vader’s Castle –the models depict special scenes from the movies and to make the experience livelier, Lightailing has added its premium handmade light kits so that your models remain highlighted even when it is night or the interior lights are turned off.

Star Wars Sets That Can Be Lightened Up With Light Kit

The light kit for Lego Star Wars sets are designed for all –anyone above six and there is no need to even know about electrics as installing the light accessories is like a piece of cake when you go through all the illustrated steps written on the instruction manual. You get to test the lights and in case of problems, you can easily return and replace them.

  • Super Star Destroyer 10221 Light Kit

Although discontinued by the company, this huge model of 3152 pieces weighing around 3.5Kg and measuring around 50 inches has been in the proud possession of many fans crazy about the Skywalker saga. The light kit for Lego Super Star Destroyer  will lighten up the command center which is revealed once the corner section is lifted, the datasheet and the display stand and the entire sideway with blue LEDs. You will get a USB hub with power cord, AA battery pack (excluding batteries), custom wires, LEDs and instruction book.

  • X-Wing Starfighter 75218 And 75235 Light Kits

The old X-Wing Starfighter can be lightened up with red and warm white LEDs for highlighting the opening cockpit for Minifigures, retracting landing gear, four spring-loaded shooters and two stud shooters. The light kit for X-Wing Starfighter  Trench Run includes four slow flashing 30cm white lights, one warm white 15cm light, four 15cm red and four 15cm green lights along with four random Lego pieces, expansion boards, and connecting cables.

  • Y-Wing Starfighter 75181 And 75172 Light Kits

The Y-Wing Starfighter 75181 comes with two white light strips, two 15cm pink LEDs, one warm white 15cm LED and two 15cm and two 30cm red LEDs for the opening cockpit for Minifigure and the rotating wheel-activated ion cannons. The light kit for Y-Wing Starfighter  includes six red 15cm LEDs, two pink 30cm LEDs, one warm white 15cm LED, and four white 15cm LEDs.

  • Death Star 10188 Light Kit

The 3803-piece superweapon model of the Death Star comes packed with 24 Minifigures including Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Chewbacca etc. and the light kit for Death Star  with green lights for the shooters, white and warm white lights for each of the three compartments.

Christmas comes with new gifts and for a Star Wars and Lego fan, which can be more enjoyable than assembling Lego Star Wars sets and setting up lights that complement the festive decoration.

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