Ghost-Catching Adventure With Lighting Graveyard Mystery 70420 Set

Get immersed into the Lego Hidden Side AR app while ghost hunting with Parker and Jack in the Graveyard Mystery 70420 set. Lightailing makes the Lego building experience through the app more engaging with the LED lighting kit that is easy to install.

Kids or even adults who find anything related to ghosts interesting and enjoy Lego building can make the best out of the Graveyard Mystery 70420 set with only 335 Lego pieces. As the name suggests, the graveyard model is full of floating ghosts, the boss ghost and even a possessed tree and statuette that can move.

However, with bare eyes, this Lego structure will not yield anything –you need to install the Hidden Side app on your mobile device and scan the Lego model with the app to view the otherwise invisible ghosts through augmented reality interface. Ghost hunting is more effective at night and to make sure that the structure is highlighted even in dark, Lightailing brings the handmade and premium light kit.    

Ghost-Catching With Graveyard Mystery 70420 Set

The Lego Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery  is appropriate for anyone above seven and offers exciting play opportunities once you have finished assembling the structure. From catching the floating ghosts to turning the statue to interact on the app, from role-playing as the possessed tree for moving arms to unlock Mamali, the boss ghost –endless digital and physical play is ensured.

  • There are Minifigures of Mr. Branson, Parker L. Jackson and Jack Davids with their Smartphone elements, a skeleton figure and the ghost dog figure of Spencer who pretends to catch ghosts with Jack in Lego 70420
  • The set depicts the fictional Newbury town where buildings and people are haunted by ghosts. The 5” tall, 3” deep and 12” wide Graveyard with spooky details include the twistable tombstone statue, the opening grave and the haunted tree with movable branch arms.
  • View the model through the app screen to spot clues, solve mysteries, defeat ghost bosses like Mamali and catch floating ghosts at each level.

Lighting the Graveyard Mystery 70420 Set

Before getting the best Lego light kits, make sure your mobile device is compatible with the interactive interface of the app. Once the app is installed and assembling the model is complete, open up the Lightailing box and unfurl the bubble-wraps around the plastic packets to reveal the light accessories.

  • Test each accessory for any defective or broken part. If you find any, return the set within a week and you will get a replacement. Keep the after-sales 2-year warranty card included in the light kit safely.  

  • The user guide is for future installations and the universal instruction manual in the light kit for Lego Hidden Side Graveyard  comes with illustrations to help in light installation.
  • Green LEDs for the tree, red LEDs for the opening grave and warm white LEDs are provided for the other features of the Graveyard. The connecting wires are for passing between the stubs.
  • Get three batteries for the AA battery box and set up the Expansion Board and USB hub.

After adding lights and setting up the light accessories, open the app and move the mobile around the model to see the ever-changing scenario, find clues and ghosts. Your knowledge about electrics doesn’t matter as long as you adhere to the installation steps.       




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