Dazzling Lego High-Speed Chase 60138 Set

A top-notch chasing sequence between the police force including the main protagonist Chase McCain and the crook is shown with the Lego City High-Speed Chase 60138 Model. Make the escape and catching scene more realistic with the LED lighting kit from Lightailing.

Lego video gaming and Lego building enthusiasts will be well-acquainted with the Lego City Undercover games and the High-Speed Chase 60138 set where the celebrated police officer Chase McCain appears. As an undercover agent of Lego City police department and former police officer, McCain was brought in as a Minifigure to the Lego set exclusively in the spring of 2017 along with the three Minifigures of a pilot, crook and police officer. Chase’s return to Lego City after two years of exile due to accidental revelation of his beloved Natalia’s identity and his resolution to catch Rex Fury once and for all to protect both his beloved and the city from crime, can be depicted through this model especially when you lighten it up with LEDs.

All You Need To Know About High-Speed Chase 60138 Set

The Lego City Police High-Speed Chase consists of 294 pieces and as a beginner set, this is suitable for kids aged between five and twelve years. The set depicts loot and escapes the scene of a crook in a stolen sports car while the Lego City police department asks Chase McCain to come for help.

  • The police helicopter along with the spinning rotor blades stands 4” tall with 12” length and 10” width. It has a winch and hook that can be lowered to drop Chase into the car and a cockpit canopy that can be removed. The helicopter comes with McCain to help in capturing the crook.
  • The Lego City High-Speed Chase  has a 1” tall pursuit car of the police with 4” length and 1” width. It features the rear spoiler and is used to follow the crook on road.
  • The crook’s stolen sports car is 1” tall, 4” long and 1” wide. It has rear storage for keeping two gold bars and two money bills. Also included are handcuffs, buildable barrier, and walkie-talkie.

Lightening Up The High-Speed Chase 60138 Set

Once the Lego structure is completed, you can open the Lego City Police High-Speed Chase Light Kit  box and reveal the plastic packets wrapped in air-bubble films. Test each accessory properly so that in case there is any defective or broken item, you can return and replace them within a week.

  • White, yellow and green LEDs are for the helicopter and pursuit car interior while red LEDs are for the helicopter taillights. Warm white LEDs are there for headlights, and red and green LEDs are for the roof of the pursuit car. The stolen sports car has white headlights and yellow taillights.

  • As you light up Lego bricks, make sure you follow the illustrated instructions written in the universal language in the manual and the user guide that helps in a future installation.
  • Three AA batteries required for the AA battery pack are not included in the light kit –get them separately. Set up the expansion board and USB hub after you have passed the connecting wires between the brick separator stubs.

You need no electrical knowledge to set up the lights and accessories because these handmade accessories are designed for 6+ years old enthusiasts. Plug into mains power and enjoy the light show 24x7.        



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