Lighting Detachable Van & Caravan 60117 Build Fun

Kids will love to assemble the Van & Caravan 60117 set from Lego City consisting of 250 pieces and add LED lights under adult guidance or by following the installation steps from the manual. The Lightailing plug-and-play light kit does not need anyone to know electrics and offers various customizations.

If your kids are interested in different toy vehicles, let them utilize their creativity and skill in building Lego vehicle sets like the Van & Caravan 60117 from Lego City series. With only 250 pieces to assemble, this beginner set is age-appropriate for 5 to 12 years old kids while the delicate handmade lighting accessories from Lightailing are designed for 6+ years old enthusiasts. What makes the light kit so appealing to kids and adults alike is the ease of installation without even being skilled in electrics and sufficient brightness of the LED lights so that they highlight the structure even when it is dark outside and the room lights are switched off.      

A Thorough Idea of Van & Caravan 60117 Set

Before you light up Lego vehicles, assembling the Lego structure completely is important because it will give you a clear idea of where to put the lights and where to pass the connecting wires. There will be zero risks of losing or damaging any small Lego piece or light accessory and choking hazard to kids.

  • The 4 inches long and 2 inches wide camper van stands 2 inches tall. As you light up Legos, the blue van with opening windows revealing the detailed interior will be highlighted along with its headlight and taillights. Let the male and female camper Minifigures go on a camping trip by loading up and hooking the caravan to the van.

  • The detachable caravan stands 2 inches tall with 5 inches length and 1-inch width. It can be opened from the rear side to show the bed and the small kitchen with one coffee machine and two mugs. The Lego 60117 accessories like the separate grill, two sausages and the bone for the family dog figure are also highlighted with the lights.  

Lighting the Van & Caravan 60117 Set

Each light kit comes with the after-sale warranty card that offers manufacturer guarantee for two years within which you can get any defective part replaced or repaired. However, you should test each accessory of the Lego light sets  before the final installation so that you can return or replace any malfunctioning or damaged part in a week.

  • The interior to the van and the caravan, as well as their headlights and taillights, are lightened up with two large 15cm and four 10cm warm white LEDs, two 10cm and two 15cm red LEDs.

  • Get AA batteries beforehand for the two CR2032 Oval battery holders as batteries are not included in the light kit for Lego City Van and Caravan. Six random colored Lego pieces are included for customization.
  • The light kit also includes two expansion boards of 6 ports, two USB power cables of 30cm length for the USB hub and one Adhesive Square. The universal instruction book and user guide with illustrations will help in all installation steps.

On opening the Lightailing box of light kit, you will get separate plastic bags containing light accessories that are protected from external damage with air-bubble wrapping. Pass the wires properly between stubs, plugin and let the lights mesmerize you.   



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