How to light up 3 Best Lego Space Set?

The Lunar Space Station, Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control and Space Shuttle Explorer are three of the most popular space-based Lego models designed for kids and adults alike. With Briksmax and Lightailing LED light kits, you can create a celestial look even when the surroundings are dark.

If astronomy interests you or your little ones and you feel passionate about astronautics and Lego building, the beginner to moderate level Lego space models will be excellent choices. Assemble these structures as a leisurely activity or guide your kids in assembling one and then open the Lightailing or Briksamax light kit boxes where delicate and handmade light accessories are packed inside separate plastic packets. Designed for 6+ years old enthusiasts, these premium lights and accessories are protected from handling damages with the air-bubble wrappers.

Three Lego Space Models To Lighten Up With Light Kits

Choose the light kit for Lunar Space Station Lego, Space Shuttle Explorer and Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control to install once you have finished installing these models successfully.

Space Shuttle Explorer Lights

The Light kit for Space Shuttle Explorer features one slow flashing 30cm colored light and two 15cm red lights, one 15cm warm white, one 15cm blue and five 15cm red LEDs. You have a connecting cable of 5cm length to pass between the brick separator and set up the 6-port and 8-port expansion boards. With only 285 Lego pieces, the Lego Creator Space Shuttle Explorer 31066  is age-appropriate for 7 to 12 years old and can be customized with the Trans Clear 1x1 Round Plate, Trans Yellow 1x1 Round Plate and two 1x1x2/3 Roof Tiles. You will also get an Adhesive Square, a USB power cord of 30cm length for the USB hub and AA Battery Pack for which you have to get three batteries.  


Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control Lights

One white and four warm white strip lights and with six 15cm and four 30cm LEDs of warm white tone are offered for the NASA-inspired multi-stage rocket while one strip light, two 15cm and two 30cm LEDs of blue tone are offered for the opening tower of Launch Control. Designed for 7+ years old enthusiasts, the 837-piece Lego Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control set from Lego City series can be customized with random-colored additional 10 Lego pieces offered in the light kit. There are two 12-port expansion boards, three 15cm and four 30cm connecting wires, one 30cm USB cord for the hub, two Adhesive Squares and an AA battery pack in the lighting kit.  

Lunar Space Station Lights

This Lego City model consisting of 412 Lego pieces is perfect for any 6+ years old kid or adult and it can be lightened up with three white light strips, one slow flashing 30cm red LED, two 30cm green, three 10cm red and four 10cm yellow LEDs. The Lunar Space Station Lego  lights can be connected with one 5cm, one 30cm and three 15cm connecting wires to be passed between stubs. Get batteries in advance for the AA battery holder and prepare the USB hub with the 30cm power cable. There are Adhesive Square and four randomized Lego pieces for customization.

Guarantee for two years is offered by the after-sale cards included in the light kits and with the user guide book and illustrated universal instruction manuals, light installation becomes easy for people with and without electrical knowledge.    




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