Ghost Hunting Adventures With New bury Haunted High School 70425

Lego Hidden Side brings you the Newbury Haunted High School 70425 set with the popular Minifigures of Parker and Jack along with lots of new figures and accessories. Add LED lights from Lightailing and scan the model on the app to explore various ghost-hunting sessions.

The haunted Newbury town as depicted in the Hidden Side app gets a new vitality when you combine the LED lights and accessories with the Lego structures. With 1474 pieces, the Newbury Haunted High School 70425 model is suitable for any 9+ years old enthusiast while the lighting accessories from Lightailing are age-appropriate for any 6+ years old. Assembling the set is challenging and exciting at the same time –you have to finish assembling the model first and then install the Hidden Side app on your mobile device and open the lighting kit.    

Exciting Ghost Hunting With Light Kit And Hidden Side

The light kit for Lego Hidden Side School  can lighten up the physical version of the school while the app lets you enjoy role-play in the digital realm with various mysteries, clues, and ghosts floating around. The 11” high, 10” deep and 16” wide school can be rebuilt and converted into the possessed school.

  • Once you have finished building the structure, place the hero Minifigures of Parker L. Jackson and Jack Davids, both with their respective Smartphone, the ghost dog figure of Spencer, Rose Davids, Elton Douglas, the students Wade and Paola and Mrs. Clarke, the headmistress.

  • Unbox the light kit for Lego 70425  and take out each accessory from the plastic packets wrapped in air-bubble films. Test the accessories properly and keep the after-sale card safely as it offers a warranty of two years.
  • Follow each step and illustration written on the universal instruction manual and check the user guide for ease of light kit installation. The Lego night light kit can be installed by anyone with or without electrical skills, thanks to the plug-and-play model.
  • There are green, warm white, yellow and blue LEDs for the bell tower with bells, chemistry room, library, computer lab, bathroom, a hidden chamber and a bus station outside in the front of the school.

  • You can light up Lego Hidden Side High School with the compatible connecting wires that are to be passed comfortably between the brick separator stubs. Make sure the wires are well hidden and not protruding from any part of the Lego structure.
  • Get three batteries for the AA battery pack as the batteries are not given in the light kit. Set up the expansion board, 30cm USB cable for the hub and other accessories of the best Lego light kits.
  • With the augmented reality or AR simulation seen through the app screen like a window, you can solve the challenging mysteries and find clues to defeat the ghosts and the ghost boss named Mr. Nibs to progress through each level.

If you find any broken or malfunctioning accessory during set up, return the package within seven days of delivery and you will get a replacement. Make your ghost-hunting experience more enjoyable with the LED light kits that will keep the structure highlighted 24x7.  

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