Glam up Lego Star Wars Sets with Lego Lighting Kit

For any Star Wars fan, utilizing their nerdy brains on creating miniature models of Star Wars fighters, robots or the legendary Death Star is always a matter of fun. Since elementary school days, kids often use the Lego bricks to build their choice of structures, and as they grow up and if they become fascinated with sci-fi movies or shows, the Lego Star Wars sets can be their best play accessories. Lightailing makes this enchanting experience a few notches higher with the LED light kits which come with LED lights, wires, expansion boards, and other lighting accessories to make the structures look dynamically real.

Lego Star Wars Structures To Glam-up With Lighting Kit

From the Millennium Falcon to the Death Star, from R2-D2 to Imperial Star Destroyer, there are various Lego sets compatible with the lighting accessories. Here are some of the popular Lego sets that you can check out for installing Lego lights –

Death Star 10188

Death star lighting kit

With 4016 Lego pieces, the Death Star features laser control room, conference chamber, Darth Vader’s TIE, hangar bay, Droid maintenance chamber, a throne room and other sections namely laser towers, turbo laser, spring-loaded shooters, etc. The light kit for Death Star  will illuminate each compartment while the two droids and twenty-three mini-figures will keep up the action.   

R2-D2 10225

R2-D2 droid set light kit

A smaller yet intricate Lego set with 2127 pieces, the R2-D2 from the collector series stands one foot tall and seven inches wide. While installing the light kits, you cannot help but marvel at its retractable leg, rotating head, two fold-out control arms to link spacecraft, circular saw and the front panel showing universal interface.    

Millennium Falcon 75105

Millennium Falcon 75105 set light kit

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon  with 1330 Lego pieces can be the perfect set for kids up to 14 years old to attach lights under your guidance. The detailed design features rotating laser turrets on top and bottom, detachable cockpit, entrance hatch, and spring-loaded shooters. The hull plates open to reveal a secret compartment, hyperdrive, etc. there are also six mini-figures including Han Solo, Tasu Leech, Chewbacca, Finn, and Rey.    

Jakku Quad Jumper 75178

Jakku Quad jumper 75178 set light kit

One of the smaller sets from Star Wars franchise, the Jakku Quad Jumper 75178 with its 457 pieces come with four mini-figures including Finn, Rey, Unkar’s Thug, First Order Stormtrooper along with BB-8 mini-figure. The cockpit opens to reveal rear compartment, gunner station and four large engines that can explode into keeping them flying. You will also get to lighten up the stud shooters on the front side and stud blasters on the detachable rear side.  

X-Wing Star Fighter 75218

Light kit for X-Wing Star Fighter 75218

Use the Lego lighting kit  to lighten up the X-Wing Starfighter featuring R2-Q2 and R2-D2 droids and mini-figures of Biggs Darklighter and Luke Skywalker. Assemble the 730 pieces and create the retracting landing gear, opening cockpit, stud shooters spring-loaded shooters on the wings, fire extinguisher and also transform the wings in between attack mode and cruise mode.

There are also other Star Wars sets like Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter, Poe’s X-Wing Fighter, Imperial Star Destroyer and Super Star Destroyer which can be lightened up by the light kits. Make sure you read the instructions carefully before installing.  



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