Lego Technic Lights For X-Wing Star Fighter 75218

The Star Wars franchise for Lego has always been a matter of thrill and skill to the Lego builders out there, thanks to the complicated build-up and over hundreds of Lego pieces. With the popular choices like Death Star, Imperial Star Destroyer, Millennium Falcon and Super Star Destroyer, the X-Wing Star Fighter 75218 can be an unconventional and customizable choice for any enthusiast. While assembling the Lego pieces gives you satisfaction, adding LED lights gives the structure an action-packed look. No matter whether it is daytime or night, the lighting kit will let your Lego structure shine effortlessly to enchant onlookers with your commendable creative skill. Before, you learn about the light installation, have a look at the structure.     

X-Wing Star Fighter light kit

What The X-Wing Star Fighter Set Is About?

Built for kids aged between 8 and 14 years, the X-Wing Star Fighter 75218 set from Star Wars collection is equally enjoyable for adults too. With 730 Lego pieces, this detailed structure has some exciting features –

  • The Minifigures available with the Lego set are astromech R2-Q2 Droid and R2-D2 Droid and pilots for the fighter ship namely Biggs Darklighter and Luke Skywalker.
  • There is the detailed landing gear that can be retracted to reveal mini-figure cockpit where you will find fire extinguisher element behind seat and space for the Astromech R2-D2.

R2-D2 Driod Star wars

  • The Lego light kit can illuminate the two stud shooters as well as four spring-loaded shooters and there are also small weapons like blaster pistol of Darklighter and Luke along with Luke’s famous lightsaber.
  • In August 2018, this Lego set introduced a lever function to let you change the wings in between attack modes and cruise modes. Wings can be closed for attacking position by pushing the model down –it measures 4 inches tall, 11 inches wide and 13 inches long.
  • There are additional tiles and stickers for the transformation of the X-Wing into Red Five of Luke Skywalker and Red Three Wing of Biggs Darklighter. You can laterally fit each droid according to transformation.

Things You Should Know About Light Kit

X-Wing Star Fighter 75218 set

The Lego X-Wing 75218 light kit with the LED lights makes sure that your Lego structure is no longer overshadowed but always stays highlighted regardless of the light condition. Packed in sturdy boxes and packaged inside bubble-wrapped plastic packets, the accessories remain safe from tampering.

  • White, war white, green and blue 15 cm LED lights along with two slow flashing 30cm red lights are there. The lights are small in size and offer sufficient brightness to highlight special parts.
  • The 5cm and 30cm USB power cable and connecting cables are compatible with the two expansion boards with six ports, the lights, and the USB hub. Get the AA batteries to insert inside the battery pack which powers the LED Light Kit.

lighting kit for lego X wing

  • Other lighting accessories include adhesive square, two Lego Trans 1x1 Clear round Plate and two 1x1 Red Round Plate.
  • You can customize the lights with the transformation of the structures and even add other structures to connect various lighting kits with one power source. Make sure to run the wires in between or beneath studs and pass lights through Lego pieces without forcibly entering them.

Once you are done assembling the pieces, unpack the lighting kit and check the accessories minutely to ensure that they are the proper shape. After connecting the lights with power, test to check their functionality.   

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