Halloween 2019 Lightailing's Monster Offers! Get Free saber!

31st October is almost knocking at your door and while you are busy carving the pumpkins or checking out different creepy makeup to go with your Halloween costume, Lightailing brings you exciting offers and discounts. Those who consider Lego building as their indispensable part of life should make the best out of the Halloween festival sale where they can get their long-coveted lighting kits for their favorite Lego models at a surprisingly low cost. The sale starts on 25th October and will continue till 1st November i.e. the day after Halloween.

LED light kit for Lego set

25% Discount on All Lighting Kits

Yes, the 25% discount is applicable on all light kits from Lightailing no matter which category they fall into –all you have to do is enter the code HW25 during checkout. So, if you have been planning on creating an extensive model with various models from one category, it is time to get lights for all those models and create a vibrant light show for the festival. Here are some of the models that you can consider purchasing lights for –

Horror-Themed Lights

Relive the spine-chilling fight with Demogorgon in the Stranger Things fame Upside Down 75810 model by lighting up the real world featuring the three friends, Will’s mom, Hopper and Eleven along with the upside-down world with Will and Demogorgon. Light kits for Jurassic World models like Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate and Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit can be great options for Halloween vibes.   

Harry Potter Lights  

Harry Potter Castle light kit

The magical world of Hogwarts is charming and scary at the same time with the evil forces and good magic residing side by side. Relive Harry’s ride on the bus with the lightened up model of Knight Bus 75957 or watch the Whomping Willow trying to devour Ron’s Magic Car. Besides, get lights for Hogwarts Castle, Great Hall or Hogwarts Express at 25% discount to show off your large Lego model of Harry Potter.  

Star Wars And Marvel Lights

Light kit for starwar set

The Star Wars or Avengers do not typically fall under the horror category but with exciting adventures, they can make up for a perfect Halloween. The lights for large models like Death Star, Ultimate Millennium Falcon and Darth Vader Transformation from Star Wars as well as Hulkbuster Smash-up, Iron Man Hall Of Armor and Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown are available at an affordable cost.     

Free Light Saber + 25% Discount

Lighting Saber

If you are a Star Wars fan and well acquainted with lightsabers, getting a random colored saber at free of cost can be a great thing before Halloween. While you are already getting 25% discount for all the products from Lightailing, there is an opportunity to get the saber too, only if you purchase any light kit for the following models –

Light kit for Hunted House

Ghost-buster Ecto 1

Ghostbuster Ecto 2

 Ghostbusters has been a popular film franchise and those who have the Ecto-1 and Ecto-2 in possession would love to purchase the natural and warm white lights, yellow, red and blue LEDs and slow flashing white LEDs. While Haunted House model is hard to find a model in Lego, those who have assembled it can choose the light kit with red, blue, yellow and green LEDs. Each product comes with a lightsaber, choose three if you want three sabers for your Star Wars models.

 Just as you get festive discounts for clothing, household items, groceries, and decorative accessories, grabbing the light kits at discount can ultimately help you in saving bucks for your hobby.

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