Light Ideas For Silent Mary 71042

The witty yet brilliant Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow and Javier Bardem as Captain Armando Salazar in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales created quite the stir among the fans. The final movie of the franchise released in 2017 not only marked an end to the legacy of Captain Sparrow but also made fans want more of him –the Lego Silent Mary 71042 set can be a great option to recreate the moments from the movie. This 2294-piece model from the Lego Disney series is an extensive set and hence, only those above 14 years old can try to assemble the pieces. However, younger enthusiasts should not worry about being left behind as the lighting kit from Lightailing is age-appropriate for anyone who is 6+ years old.

Light Kit For Silent Mary 71042

What You Need To Know About Light Kit For Silent Mary

The Lego LED light kits  are created as customized plug-and-play models that can be installed by anyone regardless of what their knowledge in electrics is. As the parts are delicate and can create a choking hazard, it is better to assemble the model first and disassemble the light kit afterward.

  • There are thirty LEDs including sixteen 15cm and four 30cm warm white LEDs, two 15cm natural white LEDs, three 15cm blue LEDs, and five strip lights –two with warm white tone and three with green tone.
  • The brick separators are to be prepared beforehand to pass the two 30cm, three 5cm and three 15cm connecting cables comfortably through and beneath the Lego bricks without tampering.

Light Kit For Silent Mary 71042

  • The light kit for Silent Mary  also includes a 6-port and 8-port, and a 12-port expansion board along with an Adhesive Square to stick the accessories. Buy AA batteries for the battery pack and connect the 30cm USB cable to the main hub.
  • There is a user guide with an instruction book where illustrated installation steps of the lighting kit are described. A warranty card is there for any repairing within a year. Also included are random colored 30 Lego pieces with which you can customize the model.

Special Features Of The Silent Mary Model To Lighten Up

You can light up Silent Mary Lego set  along with its mini-dolls of Jack Sparrow, Salazar, Carina, Henry, Lieutenant Lesaro, Officer Santos and Officer Magda, the masthead of Silen Mary and the two ghost sharks which can be detached as per your requirement.

Light Kit For Silent Mary 71042

  • Lighten up the ghost ship that features hinged bow, decayed skeleton hull that can be opened, movable rudder, destruction detailing, a long bowsprit, crow nest, 3 masts from which the mainmast can be collapsed, rowboat with 2 oars, quarterdeck and tattered sails.
  • It has an integrated stand that helps the model to be displayed at both the office and home. While you light up Lego sets  try opening the midsection of the hull and release the sharks or raise the hinged bow to open skeleton hull and let the Silent Mary convert between sailing mode and attack mode.
  • The lights would also highlight the gray and black swords, pistol, Masthead’s swords and shields, hairpiece of Salazar, astronomy page and printed cover of Galileo Diary, compass, ship-in-bottle, sextant, etc.

After unpacking the box of light kit, test each accessory to see whether there is any tampered material or whether any of the parts malfunction. In case of discrepancy, replace or return within a week.  

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