How to Build Sweet Mayhem’s Systar Starship 70830 With Addon Lights

The Lego Movie 2 not only showed how the vibrant Lego pieces could walk, talk, engage in battle but also how a perfectly assembled structure can create various scenarios like an animated movie. While many Lego enthusiasts enjoyed watching the movie, many wanted to recreate some of the scenes just like they do with Star Wars, Harry Potter or Marvel models. The Sweet Mayhem’s Syster Starship 70830 is such a moderately difficult level structure with 502 pieces that depict how Lucy and Emmet avoid being captured by the starship. While this model is age-appropriate for 9+ years, to take the fun several notches high, Lightailing brings the lighting kit that is age-appropriate for 6+ years.

Sweet Mayhem’s Systar Starship 70830


Building The Sweet Mayhem’s Syster Starship Model

Before you bright up Sweet Mayhem Lego set, you need to know about the set so that customization with lights and random colored bricks available in the light kit becomes easy.

  • The model can be assembled with the Minifigures of Lucy and Emmet (added in January this year), Sweet Mayhem and toy figures of Star and Heart to create different scenes from the movie.  
  • The starship with 14cm height, 16cm length and 28cm width come with a cockpit that can be opened for any mini-doll figurine. With the LED lights, you can highlight the landing gear that can be retracted, the disc shooter and the roll of stickers.
  • There is a prison cell that can be opened and with Lego night light  you can highlight its detachable control panel along with the gun.
  • While the compartments are lightened up by the LEDs, the weapons and accessories including gun and adjustable wings of Sweet Mayhem, quiver and crossbow of Lucy, two hearts, helmet and boosters in translucent blue color are also highlighted.   

Lightening Up The Sweet Mayhem’s Syster Starship Model

Sweet Mayhem’s Systar Starship 70830

Unless you want to face any complication after installing the lights, it is always mandatory to test all the accessories right after opening the box and the plastic packets inside it. In case you find any tampered or malfunctioning part in the light kit for Sweet Mayhem’s Syster Starship, you can replace or return them within 7 days of delivery.

  • You will get two natural white and two warm white toned strip lights along with two pink lights measuring 30cm each and thirteen pink lights measuring 15cm each. Two 5cm, three 15cm and two 30cm connecting cables are provided to connect the lights and light up Legos.

Sweet Mayhem’s Systar Starship 70830

  • The light kit contains three expansion boards (each with 8 ports), two Adhesive Squares, a multifunctional board and a battery pack that needs AA batteries. After passing the wires comfortably between the bricks, prepare the USB hub with the 30cm power cable.
  • Instructions manual and user guide books are there for your help in light setup while the four random colored Lego bricks are there for customization with the model.  

For easy installation, finish building the model first so that you don’t lose or tamper the delicate accessories –this will also give you an idea of where to pass the wires and put on the lights. The warranty card gives you a year guarantee within which if any part gets damaged or start to malfunction, you can get the changed.  

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