Lighting Lego Quake Mech 70632 set

The Lego Ninjago Movie from the year 2017 had created lots of buzz with the Spinjitzu actions and Lloyd’s plan on defeating his father Lord Garmadon, an evil lord. With the launching of Quake Mech 70632 that comes with the Minifigures of Cole, Crusher, Misako, Fred Finley and Mike the Spike, Lego enthusiasts can engage in various role-playing from the animated movie and recreate various scenes from the movie. The Quake Mech can fire soundwave which can be used against the shark army to save Fred Finley, the TV reporter. All these actions seem dull in daylight even if you have assembled the 1202 pieces neatly. Hence, Lightailing brings the extraordinary handmade lighting kit with LED lights and accessories that would enhance the action scenes even when the room is dark.

Light Kit For Quake Mech 70632

Knowing About The Lighting Kit

The light kit for Lego Quake Mech 70632 set  is equipped with small and delicate accessories which can create choking hazards. While the model is age-appropriate for 9-14 years old enthusiasts, the lighting kit is appropriate for anyone over six years old, but with adult guidance.

  • On opening the box, you will find a user guide which will help in installation along with the instruction manual that has all the light setup steps written in universal language with illustrations.
  • You will only get a battery pack with the light kit, for which you have to purchase three AA batteries separately and prepare the battery pack beforehand.
  • There will be warm white, red, yellow and blue Lego night light and connecting wires which are to be passed comfortably between the brick separators to avoid tampering.

Knowing About The Quake Mech Model

Light Kit For Quake Mech 70632

The 11” wide, 12” high and 6” long Quake Mech model was seen as Cole’s fighter against the shark army and before lightening up this Lego model, you should know about its special features so that you can customize easily with the custom bricks and lights. Keep the Lego bricks and the lighting accessories separately before installation to avoid losing or tampering the delicate parts.

  • With the LED lights, you will get to light up Quake Mech Lego set  which is a uni-wheel and highly posable model. It features an opening cockpit to house the Minifigures, a large wheel equipped with a stabilizer, arms with gripping fists that are fully posable and fold-up loudspeakers on each shoulder with eight flick missiles that shoot soundwave.

Light Kit For Quake Mech 70632

  • In December 2017, the Minifigures of Fred Finley and Misako were added to the model. Misako Minifigure has a quiver, a bow, and an arrow to fight against the army while Fred Finley has his small microphone.  
  • When you light up Lego bricks, customize a little with the lights to highlight the weapons of the Minifigures such as hammer of Cole, fish sword of Crusher and fish spear of Mike –the Spike.  

Once you complete assembling the model, open up the Lightailing box and unwrap the bubble films on separate packets containing different accessories. Test each part before final installation and in case of any tampering or malfunctioning, replace or return within a week. The warranty card offers 2 years of warranty.   



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