Hang Out With Friends At Dazzling Central Perk 21319

The nostalgia of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series is something every millennial, middle-aged and even aged people can relate with even if the show has ended in 2004 with its tenth season. Those who are still binging on the show on Netflix can recreate those memories with the Lego Ideas set of Central Perk 21319 that pays 25th-anniversary tribute to the sitcom through a buildable model of the cafeteria. With 1070 pieces to assemble including the seven cute Minifigures of Chandler, Ross, Monica, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe and Gunther with their signature accessories from the show, this set is appropriate for anyone over 16 years old. Creating night scenes or highlighting the structure becomes interesting with the Lightailing LED lights which are handmade and easy to customize.

Light Kit For Friends Central Perk 21319

Lighting Kit For Central Perk 21319

Anyone over six years old, with or without any electrical knowledge can install the lights by adhering to the user guide. It is important to finish assembling the model first before you light up Legos  because the small parts are delicate and can create choking hazards, get mingled up or tampered.

  • There are 16 LEDs including three white LEDs of 15cm length, two strip lights of warm white tone, three 15cm and three 30cm warm white LEDs, yellow light of 15cm length and two colored 15cm slow-flashing lights to highlight the interior elements to the cafeteria.

Light Kit For Friends Central Perk 21319

  • The universal instruction manual featuring installation steps and illustrations are there to instruct you on how to prepare the brick separators and how to enter the 5cm connecting cable and the three connecting cables of 30cm length in the light kit for Central Perk 21319   properly without tampering.
  • There are five different colored Lego pieces for customization with the model and Adhesive Square a 30cm USB cable for the hub. Get AA batteries for the battery pack and set up the two expansion boards with 6 ports each and the 8-port expansion board.     

Special Features Of The Central Park Model

Light Kit For Friends Central Perk 21319

Set up the seating area outside the cafeteria or pit it inside, place Phoebe in front of the door to perform on guitar or order cookie and coffee from Gunther at service counter, place the studio lighting rigs to light up Lego bricks  with a superstar vibe or engage in different role-playing against the backdrop of Central Perk façade

  • The main seating area features a sofa, couch, two chairs, table, armchair –all of which can be moved accordingly. The service counter features a buildable coffee-machine, cash register, service counter, menu board and two cookies inside the cookie jar.

Light Kit For Friends Central Perk 21319

  • As of September this year, there are seven Minifigures, a performing stage, three pillars, two umbrella stands with umbrellas and two translucent lights for the TV studio rigs.
  • You can light up Friends Central Perk  with its front window that features the authentic logo for Central Perk. There are also accessories like fifteen coffee cups, newspaper, three vases, buildable flowers, “Reserved” sign, keyboard for Ross, tray and cup for Rachel, a muffin for Monica, pizza slice and box with ‘man bag’ for Joey, broom for Gunther, guitar for Phoebe and laptop for Chandler.

As the lighting kit comes with an after-sale card, you get two years of warranty for the lighting accessories. However, you are advised to test each accessory after unpacking the box so that in case of any defect, you can return and replace the item within a week.   





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