How to glance the Ninjago City 70620 set

With the release of the Lego Ninjago Movie in 2017, Lego has its own Ninjago Masters Of Spinjitzu series which features various scenes from the movie and the characters in Minifigure models. The 2080-piece model of Ninjago City 70620 set, for instance, is a three-storied extensive structure which is suitable only for enthusiasts above 16 years of age. With sixteen Minifigures including Lloyd, Jay, Kai, Misako, Sally, Tommy, Juno, Guy, Green Ninja suit, Jamanakai villager, officer Noonan, gunner of the shark army, Mother Doomsday, Ivy Walker, Severin Black, and Conrad with the maintenance robot Sweep, your play experience will become more interactive. What is more, you will get bright and colorful handmade LED lights and lighting accessories from Lightailing to keep the model glorious regardless of day and night.

Light Kit For Ninjago City 70620

What To Expect From The Light Kit For Ninjago City Model

Complete assembling the pieces and open the box to reveal the separate plastic packets wrapped in bubble films. Before you light up Lego sets  test each accessory to ensure their functionality –if you find any tampered part, replace or return within a week.

  • There is a user guide book for later installation requirements and three instruction manuals in universal language with illustration to help in light installation for anyone above 6 years old and having no electrical knowledge. The warranty card offers a 2-years warranty.

Light Kit For Ninjago City 70620

  • Among the 58 LEDs, the 13 strip lights, ten 15cm LEDs and a 30cm LED of warm white tone are for hanging street lights while the four 15cm and eight 30cm colored slow flashing LEDs are for the radio tower and building tower. You can bright up Lego Ninjago 70620  set’s dining room, bathroom, bedroom and modern fashion store with the eighteen 15cm white LEDs. The four 15cm pink LEDs are for cherry blossoms.
  • A 12-port and ten 6-port expansion boards are given along with four Adhesive Squares, three 5cm, nine 15cm and eleven 30cm connecting wires. Purchase AA batteries for the battery pack and connect the 30cm USB cable with the hub. 21 random colored Lego pieces are offered for customization with the model.

Special Features Of The Ninjago City 70620 Set

Light Kit For Ninjago City 70620

The Lego Ninjago City 70620  is a 3-leveled model with removable floors, traditional fishing vessels, and the sliding elevator.

  • The Level 1 includes sewer outlet and streams with fishing boat, bridge and water elements of translucent green and blue color, sliding elevator housing one Minifigure, apartment with dining space and bedroom, sliding doors, foldable solar panels and fish and crab in the fish market. The service station of the maintenance robot has assorted tools, telephone and taxi stand.

Light Kit For Ninjago City 70620

  • You can light up the 2nd level with Lego light sets  to highlight the assorted fashion accessories and two mannequins at the fashion store, brick signboard, cashier desk, assorted Ninjago elements, training cards and comic books on the book stand at the comic bookstore, bonsai tree at the construction site, brick entrance, and grill at the crab restaurant, movie poster stand and ATM with fifteen banknotes.
  • Level three includes Misako and Lloyd’s apartment with a bunk bed, kitchen, opening attic and opening window, rooftop sushi counter with sushi conveyor belt, bathroom and brick-made food such as squid and puffer-fish and the radio tower.

Check interiors to the building by removing the first and second level or find the Green Ninja Suit on Lloyd’s attic, rotate the sushi conveyor belt knob or grill the crabs for lunch, take elevator to reach different levels or put down the sign to change movie posters –endless play opportunities become more enjoyable with the lighting kit.

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