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Suprised by the amazing new look of Legos with lights? With new micro LED lighting kits hitting the market, your Lego structure no longer needs to be in dark. Lightailing and Briksmax are offering custom handmade Lego LED lights and accessories that can be installed easily and by anyone above six.

No matter whether you are a kid or an adult, building a small structure or a large model, the Lego structures need time, patience and creativity to be assembled perfectly. Lego enthusiasts often spend hours, even days in setting up a large structure and those with a passion for Lego building would love to show off their collections. However, when night comes and the room gets dark, your hard work seems to go in vain as the Lego structures no longer get the attention they deserve. For any such passionate Lego builder aged above six, there are premium-quality and handmade lighting kits for the Lego structures, thanks to Briksmax and Lightailing. But, how can you choose the apt lighting kit?

Note: The most time-saving and easiest way to choose the right lighting kits for your Lego model set is to enter the Lego SKU number in our website search bar, you will get the results for the compatible Lego lighting kits in a minute. Those led lighting kits are designed specifically for each Lego model to light up with awesome view. But for the situation that you fail to find the lighting kit fit for your Lego model, or you want to get diy Lego lights, just follow the step below to choose the right Lego Lights.

Step 1: Know Your Lego Structures

Be it Lego lights for modular buildings  or replica vehicles, for creative City structures or models from TV shows and movies –you have to be sure of the structure that you need lights for. While the lights are customizable, it would get hard if you try to add lights of a small structure in a large model.

personalised lego with lights

Step 2: Know Your Niche Lego Structure

One of the commonest mistakes most people do is to choose a structure that is too difficult for their skills. As the Lego lights are to be installed only after completion of assembly, you should only get the best Lego light kits  for the models that you have finished assembling or will be able to finish successfully.  

Step 3: Get Lights For The Specific Model

custom lego sets with led lights

By all means, adding lights of a Star Wars set in a Lego Creative set or lights of Lego Friends set in Marvel set will not bring fruitful results. Besides, as the light accessories are compatible with specific sets, installing them for a set of different categories will be difficult. That is why you should light up Legos  with only the compatible and specific light kits.   

Step 4: Customize Legos With Lights From The Same Series

Sometimes you may not find lights for a specific set from either Lightailing or Briksmax –in such rare cases, you should go for lights for a model from the same category. For example, if you want lights for a set from the Harry Potter series, never go for one from Stranger Things series. Light kit for Hogwarts Castle 71043 will suffice the Hogwarts Great Hall 75954 set, but not The Upside Down 75810 set.  

light up lego car

Step 5: Get Lights For Structures With Similar Number Of Pieces

The Lego night light  kits include LED lights and accessories for a specific structure with a specific number of Lego pieces. In case you are trying to mix and match with different Lego structures, it is recommended to use lights and accessories of a structure that comprises of approximately the same number of Lego pieces so that adding lights and setting up the accessories is easy.

Lightailing is bringing out new light kits regularly so that Lego enthusiasts never have to leave their structures in dark. Choose the affordable light kits that are suitable for your structures and lighten them up effortlessly.

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