5 Most Desirable Starwar Set Light Kit

The epic saga of Star Wars is another world for Sci-fi lovers and the Lego Star Wars series has an array of structures such as Millennium Falcon, Death Star, and R2-D2from the legendary movies. To recreate the inter-galactic war sequences, Lightailing has the customized high-quality LED light kits.

From Darth Vader’s Castle to X-wing and Y-wing Star Fighter, from Imperial TIE Fighter to Kessel Run Millennium Falcon –there is no dearth of Lego structures based on the epic sci-fi series of Star Wars. With the massive buzz regarding the 2019 movie The Rise of Skywalker, Lego builders are continuously striving to showcase their creative skills through different Lego structures and recreating different scenarios to relive in the moments. The light kits designed for 6+ years old enthusiasts are suitable regardless of whether you have prior electrical knowledge or not.  

Lights For Millennium Falcon 75105, 75257

The light kit for Lego Millennium Falcon  is available both for the 1353-piece and 1330-piece variants. The Millennium Falcon 75105 light kit consists of five white light strips, two blue 30cm LEDs, two slow flashing30cm red LEDs, and four slow flashing 30cm white LEDs while the 75257 light kit comes with four warm white light strips, one 15cm warm white LED, six-blue 15cm LEDs and two slow flashing 30cm red LEDs. 75105 light kit also includes a 12-port expansion board, two Adhesive Squares, three 5cm, one 15cm and one 30cm connecting wires and 13 Lego pieces along with four light swords. That of 75257 includes three 5cm and two 30cm connecting wires, 6-port and 8-port expansion boards and six random Lego pieces.  

Lights For Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192

The Ultimate Millennium Falcon Lego light kit  includes eleven white light strips, four 15cm and two 30cm red LEDs, twenty-eight 15cm and one 30 blue LEDs, one 30cm and four 15cm white LEDs and two warm white 30cm LEDs. There are six 30cm, six 5cm and ten 15cm wires to be passed between the stubs of this expert-level model of 7541 pieces. Set up the four Adhesive Squares, 8-port, 12-port, and nine 6-port expansion boards, 51 random Lego pieces and the multi-function board for adjusting the flash.  

Lights For Death Star 10188

You can light up Lego 10188 Death Star made up of 3803 pieces with nine green LEDs for the stud shooters and white LEDs for the three levels including the Superlaser control center, Imperial conference room, throne room of the Emperor, detention block with Princess Leia Minifigure, TIE Advanced hangar bay and droid maintenance block. Blue, yellow and red LEDs along with compatible wires are also included.  

Lights For R2-D2 10225

Any 16+ years old enthusiast can bright up Lego 10225 R2-D2 comprising of 2127 pieces with the white, red, warm white, purple, green and yellow LEDs. The lights will highlight the rotating head of the droid along with the opening front panel, circular saw and the two fold-out control arms for spacecraft linkage.    

Lights For Super Star Destroyer 10221

The Lego Star Wars Super Star Destroyer 10221 model consisting of 3152 pieces can be lightened up with the blue, yellow and red LEDs. While the stud shooters have yellow LEDs, the sides are highlighted with red lights and the command center revealed by the lifted center section is highlighted with blue lights.

Testing each light accessory before the final setup is important as there are easy return and replacement facility valid for seven days. You need to follow the illustrations and detailed steps on the universal manual to install the lights easily.    




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