Lightailing Vitality For Lego Architecture Set

Enjoy a virtual world tour with the Lego Architecture models of Sydney skyline, Trafalgar Square, the Great Wall of China and more. Create a night view of these architectural marvels with the Lightailing LED lighting kits that are easy to install.

If globetrotting is in your blood or you wish to explore the famous cities around the world someday, make your dream come true to some extent with the Lego Architecture models. With these Lego sets suitable for any 12+ years old enthusiast, you can reminisce your memories from a trip or realize your dream of visiting the cities like Paris, Berlin, Venice, Chicago, New York City, Shanghai, London, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Besides, the famous landmarks like Arc de Triomphe, Statue of Liberty, Buckingham Palace, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Louvre and United Nations Headquarters included in the Lego Architecture series can also be lightened up with the bright handmade LED lighting kits from Lightailing.     

Popular Architecture Models to Light Up With LEDs

The Lego architecture lighting kit  makes the excellent replicas of the original architectural digests and representations of the city skylines more vibrant, especially for a night look. The premium light kits are appealing to both Lego enthusiasts and architects because these can be installed by anyone above six and even without any electrical skill.

Lights For Sydney Skyline

The 361-piece Sydney 21032 can be lightened up with the white 15cm LED, three warm white 15cm LEDs, three blue 15cm LEDs, and five slow flashing 30cm colored LEDs. Light up Lego Architecture Sydney  by preparing the two 8-port expansion boards, two Adhesive Squares, connecting the 5cm connecting wire, 30cm USB cable with the hub and inserting three AA batteries in the battery pack. Customize with the 2 Trans Clear (1x1) round plates and 2 (1x1x2/3) roof tiles.

Lights For United Nations Headquarters

Once you have assembled the 597 pieces, open up the light kit for Lego Architecture United Nations Headquarters  21018 set that includes four white LED measuring 30cm each and seven white LEDs measuring 15cm each. It also includes one 30cm power cable for the USB hub, an Adhesive Square and an AA battery pack for which you need to buy three batteries in advance.  

Lights For Trafalgar Square

You can light up Lego 21045  model with three warm white light strips, six colored slow flashing 15cm LEDs and nine white 30cm LEDs. The 1197-piece Trafalgar Square also requires a 5cm and three 15cm connecting wires to be passed between brick separator stubs, an 8-port and a 12-port expansion boards, a random colored Lego piece, an Adhesive Square, a battery pack and a USB power cord of 30cm length.  

Lights For Sydney Skyline

Consisting of 551 pieces, one of the seven wonders in the world can look more stunning if you add five 15cm and two 30cm warm white LEDs from the light kit for Great Wall of China 21041. There are also other accessories like the 8-port expansion board, AA battery box, 30cm power cord for USB hub and an Adhesive Square.

The above-mentioned structures and other Lego Architecture light kits come with an after-sale 2-year guarantee card, a user guide book that helps in future installation and the universal instruction book where detailed installation steps are described with illustrations.     




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