Incredible Creative Build Townhouse Pet Shop & Cafe 31097

Create a lively ambiance of the Townhouse Pet Shop & Café with the Lego Creator model and add premium-quality LED lights to give them a night look. The Lego set is designed for any 9+-year-old kid while the LED lighting kit is suitable for 6+ years’ old enthusiasts.

Those who are frequent visitors to the café or pet shop of the hometown would love to show their creativity through Lego building and light installation on the Townhouse Pet Shop & Café 31097 set. With 969 Lego pieces to assemble, this set from Lego Creator is suitable for any Lego enthusiast aged above nine years. What makes this set interesting for both kids and adults is its three-in-one modular build-up so that you can convert the Townhouse Pet Shop with Café into the Market Street featuring a tram or the multistoried Bank.    

Specialty Of The Townhouse Pet Shop & Café 31097 Model

The Lego Creator Townhouse Pet Shop and Café  are 8” deep, 7” wide and 9” tall while the bank is 4” deep, 4” wide and 11” tall. If you build the Market Street, it stands 4” tall with 11” width and 4” depth along with the 4” tall tram having 4” length and 1” width. With three Minifigures, the colorful set features the following –

  • The two-leveled building comes with a café on the ground floor having intricate interior and seating areas indoor and outdoor while the first floor has a kitchen with stove, balcony, and terrace with flowers.

  • As you bright up Lego Creator Pet Shop, the detailed interior to all three levels including the brick-built dog, mouse and toucan, and aquarium on the ground level pet shop, sofa and TV on the first floor and top floor with a bedroom featuring telephone nightstand and bed, solar panel on the rooftop.
  • Apart from the hot dog signage and cart, hot dog and condiment bottle, there is a vibrant and ornately decorated façade, ATM, large windows, fire hydrant, traffic light and sidewalk in the Lego Townhouse Pet Shop and Café

Lighting Up Townhouse Pet Shop & Café 31097

Only after you have finished assembling the Lego model, you should start unboxing and opening the plastic packets wrapped in air-bubble films. The light kit for Lego 31097  comes with an after-sales warranty card valid for two years.

  • As batteries are not included, you should buy the AA batteries for the CR2032 Oval battery box in advance. Also set up the brick separator, two expansion boards of 6 ports, Adhesive Square and the 30cm power cable for the USB Hub.
  • The Lego night light  set includes two slow flashing 15cm red LEDs, one warm white 15cm LED and three 15cm white LEDs which are to be connected with the 5cm, 15cm and 30cm connecting wires passed through stubs comfortably.
  • Follow each illustrated step on the user guide book and the universal instruction manual to install the light kit easily. Make use of the five random colored Lego bricks in the Lego model.

The LED light and accessories are custom made for all these structures and no matter whether you have an electrical skill or not, installation is like a piece of cake. Testing each part is very important as the return and replacement window is open for a week.   



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