How to light up Lego Modular Buildings Collection 10278 Police Station Set?

The Lego Creator Expert Police Station 10278 set with nearly three thousand Lego pieces is an expert-level model that takes you on a journey full of detection, deceit, doughnuts and detention. Vibrant LED lights from the Briksmax lighting kit is added with handmade accessories to give a night look to this customizable structure.

Light Kit For Police Station 10278

The Lego Modular Building Collection brings you the Police Station 10278 set made up of 2923 Lego pieces and offers endless immersive Lego building opportunities. As you adjust the height of the structure with three floors, the layouts can also be customized according to the story you want to convey. This is an expert-level set designed by Chris McVeigh with his team and comes packed with various intricate and hidden details that can trigger the imagination of anyone above eighteen. There are role-playing options like picking up breakfast and tasty treats from the doughnut shop on the ground floor, sliding through the secret hatch below the bed, putting pieces of evidence on investigation board, capturing mugshots of the crook, putting the convicts behind the bars and climbing down the fire escape from thirds story.     

Highlighting Police Station 10278 With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For Police Station 10278

With the Lego set light 10278, you can brighten up the structure standing 37cm in height and 25cm in width and depth respectively. You should complete assembling the structure before adding lights to avoid losing any small parts.

There is a coffee-table style step-by-step book featuring design details and helps in assembling the set. The lighting kit also comes with the illustrated instruction manual to help in light installation. You do not need any electrical knowledge for lighting Lego.

The building model has a buildable staircase that winds through the intricate floors and you can access the interiors by removing the staircase. There are five Minifigures including the police officer from the 1940s. The accessories like the typewriter, telephone and billboard bring the scene alive.

Light Kit For Police Station 10278

There is the doughnut shop overflowing with treats and the newspaper kiosk is on the other side. The novel pieces like two elements of ultra-rare nougat color, the two-color inverted arch and cornice detailing with four hollow animal-head elements will be lightened up with LED for Lego.

The crime scene looks impressive with the evidence locker, reel-to-reel recorder, jail cell, case board featuring authentic red strings connecting the clues and the interrogation room. The walled perimeter is highlighted by multicolor changing lights, the red LED is for the rooftop, warm white LEDs are for the interiors and the white lights are for the façade.

Light Kit For Police Station 10278

Anyone above six years old can install the light kit for Lego  Police Station 10278, but before doing so, you have to test each accessory and light to make sure there is no broken or defective item. Just open the box, unravel the bubble sheets and bring out the plastic packets containing lights and accessories separately. Make sure that all items are included.

You will get expansion boards, connecting wires, an AA battery box excluding battery, Adhesive Square and a USB power cable. The user guide helps in further installation and the after-sales card comes with a 2-year warranty.

Although it is highly unlikely to get the light kit with any missing or damaged part, yet if you notice any such, get the kit returned and a replacement kit will be sent to you.    

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