LEGO City Police Tow Truck Trouble 60137!

The Lego City Tow Truck Trouble 60137 is a beginner-level model with only above a hundred Lego pieces to let kids create a police chasing sequence. The red and white premium LEDs with handmade light accessories of Briksmax will never let the structure remain overshadowed in dark.

Light Kit For Tow Truck Trouble 60137

Kids love to play with cars, especially when it is a pursuit sequence between a crook and police. To help kids learn more about the job of the police department and encourage them to utilize their concentration into something creative and productive, the Lego City series has come up with Tow Truck Trouble 60137 set. While being kid-friendly and beginner-level, this set with 144Lego pieces also lets adults recreate different scenarios from the Lego City animated series and Lego City Police movies. The model is age-appropriate for anyone aged between five and twelve. You can easily combine it with other Lego City models and create an extensive setup before adding the high-quality lighting kit from Brtiksmax.

Specialties Of Tow Truck Trouble 60137 Set 

Light Kit For Tow Truck Trouble 60137

The Lego lighting kit comes in a box that contains accessories and LED lights respectively in plastic packets to avoid damage. To avoid losing, mixing or damaging any delicate and small part, finish building the structure and then open the box.

The truck stands above two inches in height with a length of four inches and a width of one inch. It features the adjustable tow arm, chain for towing the safe and a hook. The safe has a height of two inches with one inch depth and width respectively.

Light Kit For Tow Truck Trouble 60137

The light for Lego will highlight the police off-road bike that is two inches long with a height and width of one inch respectively and the police pursuit bike that measures the same with a radio.

The safe has large opening door revealing small compartment inside containing jewel, money bills and several accessories. There are female and male police officer Minifigures and the crook Minifigure with accessories and gear.      

Highlighting Tow Truck Trouble 60137 With Light Kit

The LED for Lego can be installed by anyone above six and you have to test each part after opening the box to make sure that those are in proper condition. You do not require any skill in electrics to install the plug-and-play kit and it will come alive especially in the dark with vibrant LEDs.

Light Kit For Tow Truck Trouble 60137

Just like Lego Friends light kit, it also comprises a universal instruction manual with illustrations for each installation step, a user guide for future installations and an after-sales card that bears a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Two random colored Lego pieces are there for customization. As the lighting kit contains no battery, get three batteries separately to insert in the Oval CR2032 battery holder.

Light Kit For Tow Truck Trouble 60137

For lighting Lego set, you will get one slow-flashing 30cm red light, one warm white 15cm LED, two 15cm red LEDs and three 15cm white LEDs. Use brick separator for passing the connecting wires.

Set up the 8-port expansion board along with the Adhesive Square and the USB power cable measuring 30cm.

If you notice any part missing from the light kit or find any broken or malfunctioning part while testing, return it within a week. There is a replacement policy valid for a week of delivery.

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