A Creative Wall Art Set: Lighting Lego Art Marvel Studios Iron Man 31199

Pay homage to the legendary Avengers character with the expert-level Lego Art Marvel Studios Iron Man 31199 that is made up of over three thousand Lego pieces. With twelve color themes offered by Briksmax, this exquisite artwork will get a glow-in-dark look and to do so, you do not even need electrical skills.

Light Kit For Lego Art Set

What the famous “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” Tony Stark started with the 2008 blockbuster movie Iron Man, ended epically with the Avengers: Endgame of 2019. While being the highest-grossing movie of the world, this movie from Infinity Saga phase III bade adieu to the most favorite character of Iron Man with a heavy heart. The Lego Art series pays tribute to the Stark legacy with the Marvel Studios Iron Man 31199 piece. Made up of 3167 Lego pieces, this expert-level structure is suitable for any 18+ years old enthusiast, especially those with a penchant for art and jigsaw puzzles. Customizable in three different postures and suits in portrait form, the picture model can be a great wall and table-top décor option. Add the high-quality LED light kit of Briksmax to brighten the model up.

Highlighting Marvel Studios Iron Man 31199 With Lighting Kit

Before unboxing the Lego Marvel light kit, you can download the specially curated audio track included with the model to enjoy Lego assembly with music, stories and details regarding the set. Whether you have electrical skills or not, the lights can easily be installed.

Once you have finished the Lego structure, put up the official signature nameplate of Marvel Studios Iron Man. Open the light kit box afterwards to reveal the bubble-wrapped plastic packets containing respective LEDs and accessories.

Light Kit For Lego Art Set

Consider lighting Lego setafter you make three different Iron Man portraits namely the Mark III, ark LXXXV and Hulkbuster Mark I or combine them all for the ultimate portrait that features Iron Man using his hand blaster.

There are nine canvas plates for wall décor along with the piece separator for ease of disassembling, buildable Lego frame and the newly added hanging element.

The coffee-table styled instruction manual will guide you through the Lego building process just like the universal and illustrated instruction book of the Lego lighting The light kit also includes the user guide for any further installation.

The three-in-one set is square with each side measuring 40cm. You do not need battery to assemble the set, but the light kit requires AA batteries that you should arrange separately.   

Light Kit For Lego Art Set

Test each light to check the functionality and make sure that the accessories are in proper condition. With the multicolored LED lights, you will get a remote control to light up Lego 31199. It comes with twelve color options in RGB format and you can adjust the whiteness, brightness, strobe, smoothness and even make the light fade.

You can choose from green, yellow, red, orange, pink, blue and other glow options. The main power should remain below 5V for preventing electrical hazards.

Within a week of getting the light kit delivered, you can return any defective part for a replacement. The after-sales card will cover a warranty of a year.

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