Lighting Lego Friends 41369 Mia's House!

Let your kids reimagine various moments from the television series with the beginner-level Lego Friends Mia's House 41369 set comprising over seven hundred Lego pieces. Warm white premium LEDs with handmade accessories of Lightailing will make sure that your model is never out of focus.

Light Kit For Mia’s House 41369

The animated TV series of Lego Friends of Heartlake City had created a great fan-following after its telecast, especially among the Lego enthusiasts. The Lego Friends series is dedicated to that show and thereby, offers different kid-friendly models representing the moments from the show. Whether you still stream its episodes on any OTT platform or love to reminisce in the memories, the Lego Mia's House 41369 set with 715 Lego pieces can be a great option for both kids and adults as it is designed for anyone above the age of six. No matter whether you are skilled or a layman in electrics, the high-quality lighting kit of Lightailing can be installed easily to brighten up the structure, especially when it is dark.   

Highlighting Mia's House 41369 With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For Mia’s House 41369

The Lego light  kit box comes with lights and accessories packed separately in plastic packets and to keep those safe from external damage, each packet has air-bubble film protection. You should open the box only after finishing the structure, otherwise, small parts might get lost and mixed up or delicate accessories might get damaged.

The lighting kit is age-appropriate for 6+ years old just like the Lego model and has a manufacturer guarantee of one year from the delivery date. It will highlight the structure standing eight inches in height, three inches in depth and twelve inches in width.

Light Kit For Mia’s House 41369

Know how to light up Lego Mia's House 41369 with the step-by-step illustrated guidance in the universal instruction book. Keep the user guide for any assistance in further installation.

Place three Mini-dolls of Mia, her father Angus, her mother Ann along with two animal figures of a horse named Metzie and a rabbit. There are accessories like a camera, mobile, helmet, bridle, saddle, roller skates, spatula, mixer, baguette, bowl, plate, cutlery, sunny-side-up egg in frying pan, beehive, baking tray, three cupcake cases and three cups.

Light Kit For Mia’s House 41369

Each light for Lego should be tested properly along with accessories before lightening up the house nestled in the forest. There are chairs and tables, a well for fetching water in a bucket for Metzie and a grooming area outside.

The two-storied cabin-styled house features a chair, lamp, desk and bunk bed at Mia’s bedroom, a dining section, hob and oven in the kitchen, toilet and sink at the bathroom and the lovely exterior climbing wall leading to the hidden entrance to the bedroom.

Lego Friends lighting kit contains warm white LEDs for highlighting the entrance, the rooftop and each room interior. The brick separator can help you pass wires smoothly without damage. Set up battery pack with AA batteries purchased separately, install the Adhesive Square, expansion boards and the USB cable with the hub. 

Recreate family life while role-playing as Mia’s parents in the cabin, feed the rabbit, groom the horse while role-playing as Mia practicing wildlife photography with her camera. Let the parents make lunch while accessing the kitchen by removing the bedroom floor or climbing the wall at bedtime.

The light kit will prevent the model from overshadowing and offer a night look to the structure. For any case of discrepancy in the light kit, there is a return-and replacement window of 7 days from delivery.

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