How To Lightup Lego City With Lightailing Street Light!

The Lego City models often feature streetlamps and although Lightailing and Briksmax offer handmade and high-quality lighting kits for each model, it might often become insufficient to lighten the streetlights. The New Lighatiling street light comes as an exclusive single piece in a box to make sure your Lego models never miss highlighted street lamp.

Lego City Street Light

In any city, the street lights are indispensable parts as these not only help pedestrians and vehicles to pass at ease in the dark but also lightens up the buildings beside the road. The imaginable Lego City is not an exception as there are fantastic buildings like the Fire Station, Ski Resort, Fire Station, Hospital and many more. Lego enthusiasts often combine a few vehicle models from the Lego City series with these buildings to make the setup more extensive and there is everything from Heavy Cargo Transport to Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control, Mobile Command Center to High-Speed Passenger Train and more. Adding the Street Light from Lightailing in any of these models will enhance the look while adding a warm glow to the overall structure.

Why Go For Lightailing Street Light?

Street Light

What makes this Lego light  so useful is that it is small in size and can be customized with any model you want. Lightailing has built this light in a plug-and-play style so that you can easily install the lights and add the compatible accessories without even having any electrical knowledge.

The kit is low voltage and comes with the battery brick or USB plug for illuminating the classic lamp post. Feel free to check the illustrated manual where you will learn all about installation in step by step.

If you are above six years old, the light kit is age-appropriate for you. Due to choking hazard risks among little kids, the lighting kit for Lego set can be installed under adult supervision.

The after-sales card will offer you a manufacturer warranty of twelve months applicable from the date of delivery. It comes with a replacement guarantee on defective or missing items of the kit if returned within one week.

Highlighting Lego City Model With Street Light

The Street light for Lego City  has a warm white tone, which is very popular in the majority of the lighting kits and will add a neutral warm glow to the structures. You should always test the light and peripherals after opening the box.

Street Light

The light is 30cm in length and it comes with a connecting wire that is of the same length. You need to use the brick separator available with Lego sets to insert the wire smoothly between the plates in such a technique that the wire is not visible from the outside –the process of how to light up Lego  Streetlamp is clearly described in the manual.

Get batteries separately and insert the power cable of the USB into 1, 2 or 2.4 ampere 5V power hub or battery bank. Turn on the battery brick that includes two AG3 batteries. To increase the USB ports get a USB hub.

Be it for the Ski Resort 60203 or Fire Station 60215 –several Lego City models will be brightened up with the Street Light of Lightailing.  

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