Adventures Stunt Driving With Monster Truck 60180 Set
With only about two hundred Lego pieces, the kid-friendly Lego City Monster Truck 60180 set will let the little ones enjoy gravity-defying demolition derby stunts in an imaginative scenario. Consisting of nine premium LED lights and high-quality accessories, the Briksmax lighting kit will come in handy in keeping the model brightened up in the dark even though you do not have electrical skills.
Light Kit For Monster Truck 60180

If your childhood was spent with lots of toy cars and you still cannot get over them in grownup years, encourage the child inside you with the Lego Monster Truck 60180 set. Just as Lego City makes way for numerous make-believe scenarios, the beginner-level models from this series will let you reimagine different stunt scenarios to pull off while role-playing as the driver. With only 192 Lego pieces, this set is a perfect option for kids aged between six and twelve, as well as those who are young at heart. To prevent choking hazards or mixing, damaging or losing small delicate Lego pieces or light kit elements, it is better to open the Briksmax lighting kit after you finish assembling the model.

Specialties Of Monster Truck 60180 Set

Just like Lego Technic light kit, that of Lego City does not include batteries and needs you to arrange three AA batteries beforehand. Always make sure that all items are present in the box of light kit and test each of those before final setup.

Get in the action-packed demolition derby of Lego City while enacting the gravity-defying adventures with the truck. There is a Minifigure of the driver to role-play while launching the truck.

Light Kit For Monster Truck 60180

The LED light for Lego 60180 will highlight the vibrant truck featuring functional suspension, air scoop, big engine and giant wheels. The truck stands four inches high with a length of five inches and a width of three inches. 

The buildable ramp has a width of three inches and a depth of two inches. It features two buildable fire containers that have flame elements. After launching the truck off the ramp, you can let it jump over flaming barrels.  

Highlighting Monster Truck 60180 With Light Kit

Light Kit For Monster Truck 60180

Being a plug-and-play Lego light kit, it does not need you to have electrical knowledge and is suitable for anyone above six years old. You will get an after-sales card guaranteeing a warranty of 2 years.   

Enjoy customizing with four random colored Lego plates included in the light kit. While the illustrated instruction book helps with step-by-step installation in universal language, the user guide helps in further installation.

Learn how to connect the 15cm wire between the blocks while concealing them from the exterior look. The USB power cable of 30cm length should also be connected to the hub.

Light Kit For Monster Truck 60180

There are two 30cm and three 15cm warm white LEDs, two 15cm red LEDs and two 15cm white LEDs for lighting Lego Monster Truck. Insert batteries in the AA battery box and set up the Adhesive Square with an 8-port expansion board.

In case of any discrepancy such as missing items, broken or defective accessories or lights you can ask for a replacement by sending the package back within seven days of delivery.  

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