Best Lego Architecture: The Eiffel Tower 21019!

The Lego Architecture The Eiffel Tower 21019 set with over three hundred Lego pieces perfectly complements the City of Love. The base and spire of this architectural digest can be lightened up by six handmade LEDs and high-quality lighting accessories from Briksmax and Lightailing even though you have no electrical knowledge.

The Eiffel Tower 21019

If you ask what makes the City of Love so famous among tourists, the answer will be the Eiffel Tower, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The vibrant light show of this structure makes the night view of the Paris skyline so magical and the nickname of the city –La Ville Lumiere or the City of Light can be attributed to this 324-meter tall wrought iron structure. The Landmark series of the Lego Architecture segment has brought out The Eiffel Tower 21019 model consisting of 321 Lego pieces.

Designed by Rok Zgalin Kobe and Jorn Thomsen, this model from 2014 is suitable for anyone above twelve. As a faithful reinterpretation of the original structure built and designed with unmatched engineering skill of the French entrepreneur named Gustave Eiffel, it can be brightened up by Lightailing or Briksmax premium light kit.

Trivia Of The Eiffel Tower 21019 Set

The Lego light for 21019  set will highlight the model standing twelve inches high with a depth and width of four inches respectively. Before adding lights, you should finish building the set, otherwise small and delicate parts might get lost or damaged.

The original structure was built for the 1889 World’s Fair grand entrance as a celebration of the centennial of the French Revolution. It gets millions of tourists every year.

Light Kit For The Eiffel Tower 21019

Before lighting Lego set, you can check out the informative booklet containing information regarding the history, architecture and design of the structure. The structure, extremely rigid, has withstood every natural calamity including floods and storms.

038 elements made of wrought iron were bolted together during the construction of lattice at the factory in the Parisian suburbs. Steam-powered cranes hoisted the structure into place from elevator shafts while nearly 2.5 million single rivets were used for riveting before transporting the model to the current site.       

Highlighting The Eiffel Tower 21019 With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For The Eiffel Tower 21019

The Lego set light kit is age-appropriate plug-and-play set for any 6+ years old enthusiast with or without electrical knowledge. The hardcover box contains individual plastic packets secured with bubble films to keep the lights and accessories safe from damage.

Two random colored Lego plates are given for assembly. Follow the steps on the universal and illustrated instruction manual, keep the user guide for further installation and store the after-sales card safely.

Light Kit For The Eiffel Tower 21019

One white light strip, one slow-flashing 30cm colored light, two 15cm and two 30cm warm white LEDs are there for lighting Eiffel Tower. The brick separator will help in inserting the 5cm and 15cm connecting wires between the stubs.

Set up 6-port and 8-port expansion boards, place the Adhesive Square and arrange AA batteries in advance for the battery pack. The 30cm power cable is to be connected with the hub.  

You will get a manufacturing warranty of up to 2 years and a 7-day return-and-replacement policy, within which you can return any defective part for a replacement. Always test each part before installing and keep main power below 5V to be safe from electrical hazards.You can check more details in the  review.   

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