An Immersed In Adventure Action Play With Lighting Lego Lighthouse Rescue Centre 41380

With over six hundred Lego pieces, the beginner-level Lego Friends Lighthouse Rescue Center 41380 set will let your kids role-play as the rescuer while keeping the ships safe with flashing light from ashore. There is Briksmax lighting kit with seven high-quality LEDs and premium lighting accessories that will never let your Lego structure be overshadowed when it is dark.

Lighthouse Rescue Centre 41380

The more you encourage kids about helping those in need, especially those creatures that cannot speak, they know about the importance of a rescue mission. That is the idea behind the kid-friendly Lighthouse Rescue Center 41380 model. Comprising of only 602 Lego pieces, it is suitable for any enthusiast above six. Endless imaginative play opportunities are there without any dearth of surprise, thanks to the water-reactive treasure map made of textile hidden beneath the sea that shows the secrets with the brush of water. Enhance the experience with the handmade light kit from Briksmax no matter whether you are skilled or layman in electrics.       

Specialties Of Lighthouse Rescue Center 41380 Set

Lighthouse Rescue Centre 41380

The Lego set lights of Rescue Mission Boat 41381, Dolphins Rescue 41378 and Turtles Rescue Mission 41376 sets can be combines with this model to create an extensive setup. Although the light kits do not contain any battery, the Lego set includes two LR 41 1.5 V batteries for the light brick.

The Lighthouse stands eleven inches tall with a width of nine inches and a depth of five inches. It contains two Mini-dolls of Emma and Mia along with five animal figures of dolphin, bird, turtle and two sea lions.

Just like manuals for LED light for Lego  installation, there is Lego Life app for mobile devices that helps kids through the building process with intuitive and user-friendly Instruction PLUS. They can zoom, use ghost mode, rotate and visualize the model.

Lighthouse Rescue Centre 41380

The water scooter with one inch width, one inch height and two inches long can be used to rescue the sea creatures and travel to the mini island with the sea lion trapped in the abandoned wood-effect shack. Press the button to dismantle the planks and release the sea lion.

The Lego Friends set light kit will highlight the examination area accessible for the sea lions through the hinged pool that can swing 180-degrees from outside to bring animals into the X-Ray area.

The four-storied building also has a sea lion play area, jetty, lab, TV room, rest area, office and observation deck featuring the light brick lamp that can be lightened up by pressing the roof of lighthouse

Highlighting Lighthouse Rescue Center 41380 With Lighting Kit

Lighthouse Rescue Centre 41380

Lighting Lego is a piece of cake for any 6+ years old and the kit features an after-sales card with 2-year guarantee. Test each part of the kit before installation.

You will get one 30cm white LED, one 30cm large, one 10cm and two 30cm warm white LEDs, one slow-flashing 15cm colored and one 15cm slow-flashing red light.

Lighthouse Rescue Centre 41380

Learn how to light up Lego with the illustrated and universal instruction manual, use the user guide for future installation and connect the 30cm connecting wire between the stubs.

Prepare two 6-port expansion boards and two Adhesive Squares. Put batteries in the CR2032 Oval battery pack and set up Power Hub with the 30cm USB cord.   

Teaching your kids about the value of everyday heroes in real-life scenarios is very crucial in bringing them up properly and the Lego Friends series is there to assist while making them aware of the wellbeing of animals.

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